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On month 6, and still a LOT of dryness?

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The regimen has been working to keep acne away as long as I follow it the way it's meant to be followed.

BUT, for a while I was only doing one pump BP and only at night... I started breaking out but I didn't want to increase the amount I was using because my face was already severely dry. It was cracking and bleeding, scabs were forming all over my cheeks, and flakiness was terrible. And it wasn't something just I could see either. It was extremely visible.

But when I started breaking out a little badly (yesterday) I switched to two pumps, day and night. I can only imagine how dry my skin will be now.

Yes, I use jojoba oil in my moisturizer. Yes, I exfoliate with jojoba oil. (but I try to avoid exfoliating because when the dead skin comes off, the scabs do too, and my face becomes raw and a clear liquid oozes from the scabs. and then scabs form again on top of those)

Anyway, my question is, I've tried everything. I can't get this dryness to go away. I literally take pumps and pumps of moisturizer and put it all over my cheeks until my face is completely white, for hours at a time, and I sleep like this too. It's been really uncomfortable, but when I don't sleep with it on my cheeks, I wake up a dried-out mess.

Even when I DO put it on my cheeks, half the time I still wake up with dry skin because the lotion had already mostly absorbed into my skin as I was sleeping...

Nothing is helping. Please, if someone's gone through anything like this, please help!

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Hi silverangelx,

It seems like your skin may not be able to handle the high concentration of BP over prolong period, you could try reducing the amount of BP usage for each day. Alternatively, you could use BP treatment on alternate days,eg. Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun, hence giving your skin a one day rest.

Hope it helps :)

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Maybe you should try switching cleansers or moisturizers. Im on month 7-8 and iam still battling flakiness and dryness. It isn't as bad as yours. But switching cleansers helped.

I first used pupose which did good but too drying and i hear dan's cleanser is the same. I have tried olay sensitive foaming face wash and cetaphil cleanser. And i think Cetaphil has helped a lot, it doesn't foam but my face definitely doesn't feel tight anymore.

I have been using Cetaphil moisturizer which is super moisturizing but it just seems to sit on top of my skin. I just tried Cerave lotion this evening and it actually sinks in. I don't know how moisturizing dan's moisturizer is but this is worth a try. I have been reading and watching videos on advice and Iam going to try this too but taking fish oil or omega-3 has helped a lot people.

You may want to try using AHA or lightly scrub your face with a wash cloth.

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I keep saying this on other boards, but I really want to tell people if it'll help them too. After 3 months on the regimen, following it closely with Dan's BP, I was really dry and red, so I went and got liquid veg glycerin at my grocery store - it says on the bottle that it's for sunburns and minor skin irritations - I started mixing it with my moisturizer at night and it made a huge difference in just 3 nights. My skin is soft again - it's amazing. I would just have to gently rub away the dead skin in the morning shower and now I don't have to even do that. I also stopped mixing it with moisturizer and just use that alone over night. Glycerin is the base product of a lot of moisturizers anyway. Also, for the redness when it was really bad I used Ibuprofen overnight once and a while because it helps with inflammation.

Also, I use spectro jel face wash which is really gentle.

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Have you tried applying jojoba oil right after washing your face before applying BP? (And not rinsing off the jojoba oil!) I've found that to be more moisturizing that adding that same amount of jojoba oil to my moisturizer, plus it looks much less shiny and makes my face feel less tight. During the worst winter dryness I faced, that was the only thing that helped.

Also, where are these scabs you mention coming from? Acne that's healing, or something else? Scabbing isn't a typical dryness symptom. If you have a fair amount of scabby crusty buildup, I wonder if you might be allergic to BP.

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I'm really not too sure why the scabs form... it's not from old acne, just the skin itself. and there is a lot of crust/scabs, etc.. I don't think I'm allergic to BP (was using it before in the form of a cleansing bar, and it didn't crust or scab.. at least, I hope I'm not allergic to it; nothing else works for me)

The scabbing is fairly recent, actually. Past couple months or so. It's getting a little better (just a little, but still) with a lot of moisturizing.

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That happened to me on my first month using Bp, and I thought I was having an allergy reaction to it.. I stopped completely for about 1 week and start the regimen again very slowly; applying lots of moisturizer...I did that for 1 month, increasing bp gradually and also took fish oil daily...After that month, Im using the normal amount and everything seems to be working well except the pigmentation :confused: .. maybe try to stop for a little bit, and start slowly again...?

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I was reading a lot about dryness and watching videos yesterday. And I always look up Paula Begoun. And I was really wanting to use her toner or toners she recommends b/c her recommends a toner. And I stopped using one b/c every place I read said they were useless.

But since I have been on this regimen for 7 mo. and Dan said you can add what you want. I decided to use my Neutrogena toner this morning (the Alcohol free one) and applied bp, then cerave and my face finally doesnt look flaky and dry. My makeup looks nice for once.

My skin actually looks glowly. I did use it incredibly gently. I washed my face and the 10 min. I wait to apply the bp I used the toner. And then BP.

I have tried AHA, scrubing with a towel, jojoba oil and gentle scubs and nothing has helped. But this morning finally trying toner again it worked really nice. My acne isnt that bad i only have one big pimple by my lip from using lipstick and 2 by the upper part of mycheck bone.

I will update if it continues helping me.

My skin also doesn't look red like it usually does.

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