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Death of the Whitehead? :)

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First off, I just wanted to say that I would not like criticism of the products I'm using, because they work for me :) Just a simple answer to my question. Thanks!

Okay, so I've been using Proactive for about six weeks now and I'm practically acne free. I have maybe two whiteheads, that's it. I told myself I wouldn't pick them, and I haven't so far. The head was surfacing, and I was considering it, but I didn't! :) Funny thing is, I woke up this morning, and couldn't find the head - it was just a red lump. (Obviously the bacteria is in the skin, I can still feel it sorta) Is this a good thing?? It looks a lot better compared if I had picked it (swelling, etc) Let me know :D

PS: On average, how long does it take a whitehead to go away?

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Your whitehead "popped" on its own or got rubbed off in the night. That white stuff is dead bacteria and white blood cells your body has walled off encapsulated and is trying to push it out of your skin. So, naturally its going to give at some point. I personally wait until the point when it looks like its going to pop on its own or could get rubbed off by my pillow, take a needle and poke a little hole in the whitehead and give a couple GENTLE sqeezes using tissue to wipe the puss off. Then i wash and put a dab of BP on and around it, just in case. On average, for me, a whitehead comes to this point within a couple days of seeing the white.

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hmm i have a white head looks like it would be easy to get rid of, might do it on my break today. only active i have.

i normally hold a hot compress on it and it comes straight out, problem with this though (my theory) is that it will transfer bacteria to an area next to it, since the pores are open from the heat.

so going to try it your way and pierce it with a pin, then give it a light squeeze

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