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Sooooooo....acne, the evil word all of you reading this hate as much as me.

I've had body acne since middle school and am now entering me senior year in college, yikes..that's scary to write. It's not your typical acne though which is why I haven't sought out intense treatment until now. I have lots (when I say lots I mean TONS) of little bumps all over my back and chest, a lot of white heads/black heads and a few inflamed cysts here and there. It's so embrassing and I've never been able to wear very revealing clothing, let alone a bathing suit, which I'm finally sick of putting up with.

My dermo decided that it's time to try Accutane, over 8 years of these little buggers is quite a lot. I'm worried that because my acne isn't severe on my face, and it's not a very common type that's on my body...that this stuff won't work. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and give me some hope!!! :redface:

I started 40mgs last friday and after 2 days I already had chapped lips, but have now prepared myself with a lot of different moisturizers. I've also gotten a few very dry places on my chin that have turned red and raw...not reacting to the moisturizer but actually neosporin.

I have a wedding I'm participating in on June 26th and am extremely upset that I can't wear a cute dress as most of my friends are.....oh acne yet again have you ruined my fun.

Any advice? Hopeful advice?

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we started about the same time im one day five of my course 40mgs a day i havent had any side effects yet but broke out around my right jaw line

just wanted to say good luck hope all goes well

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