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Making Other People Food with Acne???!!!

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So I'm a bit funny when I go to make other people food when my face looks the way it does. I guess my 'phobia' started when I made this New York Cheesecake for my brother and his girlfriend when I was staying with them and it sat in the fridge basically uneaten. I had a couple of slices and thought it was pretty good, but no one tried it (which is really unusual considering they both love sweets and food :) ) They both said they just weren't into cheesecake... then a couple of months later my brothers girlfriend had said she had made the cheesecake from my recipe and they were both talking bout how much they loved it...

And at work when I make someone a coffee or tea they never seem to drink it and always take a few sips and leave it... And one time I bought a sweet bun from the shop that they always eat at work, so i cut it for everyone and again NO_ONE had any!!!!!

Am I being super paranoid???? My B/f loves to eat the food I cook and says I make good hot drinks??!!!...

What am I missing? Now I'am super uncomfortable making anyone anything to do with food. It makes me feel so ashamed and embarrassed. Do people really think that Iam gross because I have acne?? no matter how much i dress nicely, or smell nice, or do my hair nice, people always seem to concentrate on my acne. Iam disgusted with it.

And speaking of work, another thing I find is even if IM serving someone, some people will constantly turn from me and speak to my attractive, CLEAR SKINNED co-worker!!!!!! WHAT IS WITH THAT???? DONT THEY REALIZE HOW THAT MAKES ME FEEL? I am good at my job, I have been there for 5 years I know what Iam talking about and yet this is how I get treated?? People dont even realise they are doing it. But really, do they think that just because this other girl has clear skin, that she is smarter than Iam? Will be able to help better? UGHHH you know at first it makes me feel so small and insignificant and I want to cry, but writing this makes me boil with rage


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I don't agree with the above reply. Maybe your brother and his girlfriend weren't eating sweets that day for a reason. Although they should have given you a reason, that's quite rude not to I agree.

As for your coworkers, I have NEVER encountered this with the jobs I've had. I think the people you work with are just very rude and most definitely the exception to the way most people act.

I am sorry though, that is quite rude. I would confront these people and ask them what their probem was.

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People lose their appetite when they see acne. Thats why I never ate in high school. or if I did, I would eat all by myself where no one could see me. I still dont like to eat in front of people now that I think about it... and lets face it, you dont want to be thinking of a huge pus filled zit in the middle of a meal do you?

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies.... :)

I'm glad you have never experienced anyone judging you Kairasa, your obviously surrounded by lovely, understanding people! :)

But, I have unfortunately experienced the judgement by people without acne and they really have absolutely no idea what its like to have acne. I supose Im not talking about a couple of red zits here and there, I used to have severe cystic acne, and while it is not as severe any more I still get disgusting pimples...

I do agree with alex, I suppose If I had perfectly clear skin, I wouldnt want to eat while someones horrible acne is in my face....

It just people kicking you when your down, sometimes I really want to put a banner on my forehead with, please dont judge me, dont worry its not contagious, yes Iam actually a human being under my acne, yes I do wash my face and have been to derms, used hundreds of different products and no proactive is a piece of sh*t

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its because clear skinned people just think we are just walking diseases, they want nothing to do with us.

You just want others to be as miserable as you type. ;) More likely, you just want to bring people down. That's reprehensible.

OP: I am sorry you feel the acne's at the root of the issues; it's possible a small amount may be due to the acne but not necessarily. It's great that even so you are able to realize the contributions you make at work, realize how smart you are, and the good job you do. That doesn't usually go unnoticed. :)

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