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Abstinence - a few questions?

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Hi there, I just have a couple of questions,

First of all, last November I decided to drop the amount of times I would masturbate to once a week, but seeing as our testosterone peaks at the 7th day, would this be as bad as masturbating every single day? (It would mean I would masturbate exactly on the 7th day and no other). In fact - Would doing this sort of abstinence help acne at all?

The result was by masturbating just once a week my skin became remarkably clearer, as opposed to in the Easter term this year - I remained completely abstinent and my skin became remarkably worse. I kept to the regimen completely when my acne became better last November, and only about 50% when my acne got considerably worse last Easter - does this ultimately prove that masturbation has nothing to do with my acne?

It seems that:

Acne gets better = Complete regimen + More masturbation

Acne gets worse = 50% regimen + Much less masturbation

Of course, in my opinion anyway, you can take the second two out of the equation:

Acne gets better = Complete regimen

Acne gets worse = 50% regimen

Secondly, is it the act of ejaculation, or just 'sexual thoughts' in general, that lead to an increase in testosterone? By remaining abstinent I actually seem to have much more of the latter, while if I returned to masturbating every day my sexual drive actually decreased - yes, decreased - weird huh? It's almost as if I'm satisfied when I can go every day!

Well, anyway, I'd really like to hear your thoughts. I'm so tired of hearing about quitting such an important thing in life, how far will people go?

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Moved to nutrition and holistic health. Just do a search on the topic and you'll find many with multiple theories and multiple anecdotal evidence for both sides, etc.

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Ok thanks, but I've read most of them. It would be nice for someone to read my previous post and give some sort of conclusion? What should I do? Keep on abstinence or not?


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