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My Needling Experience - Scarred Pores/Enlarged pores

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I have just this week needled the enlarged/scarred pores on my nose and to the sides of my nose.

I have used a single needle that is 0.25m. I have bought these from what i feel is a very informative site for needling. I can't put the address but google owndoc or Sarah Vaughtner. Good info on there even if not buying the products.

They believe that tattoo needles of 0.35 are too large and sell a pack of 5 0.25mm needles for $9. They also sell dermarollers and i bought one just for improving the absorbtion of topicals so can't comment on the ones used for scar reduction.

I also purchsed infodon which is a really good ointment for use after needling, it has vitamin a but without the adverse effects of retin a, it is used for burns in its primary use.

So at the moment 3 days later from needling, some of the pores have scabbed over which apparently is a good sign. I have not noticed any improvement except for swelling. I will wait 6 weeks until i needle again and will comment on whether they have improved at all.

I have very large pores as in some are over 1mm wide. They are different to some other people pores as in the actual hole itself isn't too large but there is a depressed area around most pores which is very visable in sunlight or under certain lights. This area is what I am hoping to elevate with the needling.

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I have a similar problem, mostly on the top of my nose which makes it even more evident :S.

Have you seen any improvement since the needling session?

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