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Ok i have rad marks on my cheeks and my neck. Like everyone elses they look worse in sunlight. I also have 3 hypertrophic scars on my left jaw one of which is pretty big and sticks out. On my neck under my right jaw there is a bit of discolouration as well.

Now i had acne in these places but i also shave most of them too and was wondering if shaving may have been the main cause or if it will stop them from healing. I use an electric shaver and for some reason i think that might be worse than a manuel razor just because of the contant/ quick motions across the skin. Im now almost 19 and have been shaving since i was like 15 and always used an electric shaver. Whenever i shave my, neck gets kinda inflamed which is annoying and the skin is pretty sensitive which makes it a bitch to clean or put sunscreen on.

I was not always that cautious when i started shaving (it was before i had ever had acne) so i wonder if this has done serious damage to my skin causing it to be prone to red marks and just sensitive all together.

What do you guys think?

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Guest frogskinshoelace

Regular razor blades always seemed to make my skin worse than my electric one. I guess everyones skin is different.

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