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Start DKR now when I vacation in 12 days OR wait until I get

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breakouts! I almost feel like what do I have to lose? I'm already broken out....how bad could it possibly be in 12 days if I start the DKR now? You guys please...tell me what you would do. How bad is the purging the 12th through the 17th day of the dkr? Friggin A at least BP always at least minimised the breakouts...and I just realised that its been about 3 months, and I have pimples more often than not with my current regimen. I am going to go off of the advise you guys give me here. I really need to know what I should do.


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I would do it, but be very careful and moisturizer with jojoba every morning and night -- also try it with less BP maybe to avoid irritation because I did find that two weeks in I was pretty red.

Good luck.

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Go for it but start slow. It seems like your skin is already irritated as it is with your current regimen. Try Dan's regimen, it works wonders on my severely acne-prone skin and I can say I am almost clear. Just start slow and follow Dan's directions precisely as is. Do the regimen morning and night religiously with much patience. Do not be discourage. When you can't help be discourage and about to give up, come back to this site and read people's successes. This way it will inspire you to keep at it with the regimen. Much luck to you.

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