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Mild Acne and Talcum powder

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I am going to tell you the strange fact about acne today. I asked one of my colleague how she fight with her acne problem and her answer was astonishing. She has such a mild acne that only applying talcum powder to her acne removes it :)

aint this amazing ;)

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Talc is a main ingredient in many face powders and is a great oil absorber, imo.

Although I have to be honest and say that I've never heard anyone crediting talc to clearing their acne. I can't imagine how it could do that, since it doesn't have any acne killing properties to it.

But anyway, I'm glad she feels that she has found something helpful.

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I really wouldn't do this. Talcum powder is toxic if it gets inside of you, and the fine particles make it very easy for that to happen. It can irritate your lungs and it might even be cancer-causing. It should be used very sparingly, if it all, especially near the face and genitals.

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oh :redface: Do you really mean what you just said :o . its horrible. I should inform her then but she is using that powder only on her face pimples of course so i hope that is of no danger? is that?

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