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Please help with my red marks, never knew how to get rid of them!

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Hey guys,

I'm new here and after reading through this forum, it's been really helpful to see that other people can actually get rid of red marks. I get told a that my marks will be there till I die, and it's very depressing.


Two years ago my skin was flawless, until i started developing pimples on my nose, because i never washed my face outside of the shower, then after the pimples on my nose had disappeared its very scarred/marked and is not smooth and flawless, then i shaved my head( which i thought i wouldn't get any pimples because hair used to be all over my forehead), and somehow started breaking out on my forehead with very big pimples, which left scars but not red ones, and then started breaking out on my left cheek, and then after a while my right cheek identically!


I could use this community's advice because seeing the information that you guys already know, it would be far better than my dermatologist just giving me anti-biotics(which they have, and hasn't helped.) which they believe will get rid of it.

So currently here is my skin condition, and I really could use your help in making my skin look better, by suggesting products or a regime.


I barely get any pimples, mostly pustules (no more than 10 a day on my face), which I'm getting less of with my recent regime.

Pretty much all the major acne is gone but I'm left with these red marks, and if you can see in the picture there's a dark area just above a mole which seems to be a blind pimple that's been there for a year which I don't know how to get rid of(the first site of it i jabbed it with a needle because i thought it was a blood blister and it only made it swell more)

So basically my regime at the moment which I've been doing the past few months(but switched exfoliating to night a few days ago to see the results, which resulted in far less pustules) is:


-Garnier deep pore unclogging wash (contains 2% salicylic Acid)

-Eryacne [spot](2% erythromycin, only works with pimples that haven't reached surface)

-Ego QV face moisturizing day cream


-Nuetrogena deep clean invigorating scrub

-Garnier deep pore unclogging wash

--Eryacne [spot]

-Ego QV face moisturizing day cream

None of these products have done anything for my red marks

I tried Dermatix scar reduction gel which had polysiloxane which made them stand out even more!

What can I try and use to get rid of the scars on my face? I was considering Emu Oil but I just saw in a thread that they do nothing for scars. :(

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Well I would definitely get control of the acne before you attempt to fade the marks, as new spots can hamper your progress as regards the marks. In your regimen I can see nothing that would specifically deal with the marks, so I would suggest introducing an AHA toner or moisturiser - see how your skin reacts to it - and then progress into glycolic/lactic/salicylic peels if that's something you would be interested in. Alternatively, you could look into any of the suggestions on this red marks board ;)

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