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The pimple that I did NOT abuse with popping looks like it is starting to scar?

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I've had this pimple on my upper lip, and for once- I restrained myself from tampering with it. I did however apply 2.5% BP at night.

Good news is that it is becoming less of a pimple, but the bad news is that it doesn't seem like it will go away? It's like a raised scar (at least that's what it is starting to look like). And it still has a strong reddish hue to it, even at this minimal pimple stage ;_;

I was expecting to be rewarded with an easy victory if I didn't fight this pimple..

Can somebody tell me what really is going on? If the pimple actually will dissappear? Or what I can do to prevent scarring/make the scar go away and catch it before it erupts into a legit one?

Thank you!


-It's above my upper lip, it doesn't look like much from the picture but it's very noticeable in real life. It is more raised and red in real life, and it looks like it is starting to scab which is good but only a small portion of the middle is scabbing. I fear that the outer rim of the pimple will stay there.

Any tips on preventing scarring? Or if it even is a scar? Or if I should just wait it out?

Thank you everyone!

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right, good job on leaving it, i too am fighting this battle. stay strong fella

its hard but you know once you tamper with it...

anyway skin facts

# 9,000 nerve cells,

# 1250 pain receptors,

# 19 yards of blood vessels!

# 625 sweat glands,

# 94 sebaceous glands,

# 60 hairs,

# and approximately 19 million cells.

thats in 1 square inch..

so you can begin to see how delicate it is..

basically >

When the pore opening remains closed, bacteria begins to accumulate and multiply by feeding on the skin’s lipids (oil). The bacteria’s byproducts (free fatty acids) irritate the skin and the gland become infected and inflamed. The byproducts also attract other ‘chemical scavengers’ to the area that can do damage to the pore’s follicular wall. The body’s defense system sends white blood cells (leukocytes) to the rescue and a whitehead (also known as a closed comedo) forms (acne pustulosa). This is nature’s miniature battlefield.

If left alone, the white blood cells attack the bacteria by secreting enzymes which break down the bacteria and ‘push’ the leftovers out to a yellowish point on the whitehead called a pustule which ultimately dries up as eventually the swelling and the whitehead dissipates

When too much ‘material’ (sebum, keratin, bacteria) builds up the pore or hair follicle can rupture internally discharging the oil and bacteria into the surrounding tissue area it becomes a visible red bump or a papule pimple (papular acne). What is actually happening is the vessels near the skin are dilating to increase the flow of blood into the area. The reddening of the skin due to this inflammation is technically called Erythema. THIS IS A GOOD THING - it is your body working to supply blood and oxygen to the infected area to fight it off. When you stop this process, you stop the healing.

Sometimes this inflammation can form deep under the skin. When it goes beyond a surface whitehead or the papule grows bigger than 10 mm and becomes a larger painful lump it’s called a cyst or a nodule or ‘cystic’ or ‘nodular’ acne. This type of acne occurs when material from the comedo escapes under the skin. Teens who develop this kind of nodular acne are usually referred to a doctor.

read stoppickingonme for more details

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Unfortunately, it's possible for a spot to leave a scar even if you don't touch it. When my acne was at its very, very worst I suffered a similar thing. One spot that I popped scarred, so I decided to leave this other one alone. However, once it had died it left a scar. I think they're quite rare. Well, they're rare for me as luckily I've had very little acne scarring.

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Aw man... yeah for me, every time there's a pimple on my face, wherever the location, i pop it, and then it turns really red and ugly, but then since it's open it seems to absorb the medicines more, and then it scabs up, then it flakes off, and my skin looks brand new. But it's so unfortunate that the time I choose not to pop one, it scars worst than the ones i've popped in the first place. Are there any medicines I can put on it that will lower the probability of scarring? I want to at least try to stop it before it happens :/

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I'm not sure if there is something you can put on to limit the chance of scarring. Once the skin has been damaged, it's damaged. Best to check out the scars forum for more info and help.

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This use to happen to me, for some odd reason...it seemed to only happen when i got lip acne, it will stay there for a little bit, but the redness will start to fade soon, mine took about a month to fully go away, I swear if I dont pop a pimple they seem to stay for double the time. the redness isnt a scar, the zit is still there that's all

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