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how to tell the difference between scarred pores, enlarged pores, and naturally genetic large pores?

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can someone give me knowledge on how to tell if someone's pores are genetically naturally large, or are they enlarged pores due to acne, or are they scarred pores? how do you tell the difference? and what treatments can help each type pores? thanks a lot for the replies.

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Just my opinion-

Genetically large pores are usually more uniform in shape size and do not occur just with blackheads. They often are in people with particularly oily skin but the pores are not necessarily blocked. I think these can be helped by astringent toners, masks...anything that temporarily tightens the pores, and also the appearance can be reduced possibly by retin a type products for a more long term improvement.

Enlarged pores usually are caused by repeated blackheads and may be larger than the surrounding pores. Retin a type products to keep the pores clear should help reduce and prevent more of these.

Scarred pores are usually from picking blackheads. Often irregular in shape compared to normal surrounding pores. The skin around the actual pore opening is often depressed from picking making the pore appear larger. Possibly helped by retin a and maybe needling to riase the scarred area arounf the pore.

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