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The perfect Acne solution for everyone

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There is no such thing. Sorry. It's a difficult problem to deal with, hormone related, your immune system also play a rol here, bacteria. Perhaps is part of our evolution and drug makers have not put much effort on the problem because it's not contagious. :eh:

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What worked for me as a teen does not work for me as an adult. So, I do not think there is a simple solution.

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Obviously there isn't one, but sleep, exercise and blood sugar stabilizing, nutrient dense anti-inflammatory diet habits that doesn't include anything you have an intolerance for are something that affects everyone.

How strict you need to be or how many underlying issues need to heal vary, but this is how we were all meant to live and will have far more important benefits than clearer skin. It will retard aging and prevent/reduce/reverse all kinds of health conditions. Reduce PMS issues and help you keep your hair.

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What science needs to do is take a gene screen of individuals with acne and compare it to gene screens of civilizations where acne is unheard of. There is a such thing as being more predisposed to acne but I think diet has a lot to do with it.

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sorry, no such thing exists...what works for one may not work for the other one. and it is a trial and error thing, even when u go to the derm-even they don't know right away and you pay for their "let's try this next" theory.

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