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So I just got diagnosed with a gallbladder full of gallstones.. do you guys think I should get surgery and are gallstones anyway related to acne and eyelind/skin inflammation I have been having??

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So I just got diagnosed with a gallbladder full of gallstones.. do you guys think I should get surgery and are gallstones anyway related to acne and eyelind/skin inflammation I have been having??

This is why so many people resort to liver flushing to remove the gallstones. This is a personal decision that requires a LOT of research though. Many people have greatly improved the quality of their life doing these flushes multiple times, and pass many of their gallstones. I've never done one, but after doing more and more research, I will be doing one in the near future. If I ever required surgery to remove my gallbladder, I would 100% try a liver flush before giving my liver up!

Do LOTS of research on liver flushes before you decide to have surgery. So many people say that even when their gallbladder is removed, their problems stay the same or worsen. So many dr's say that you don't need your gallbladder, but YOU DO!!!

Something to do with low bile production and not being about to get rid of excess hormones and toxins efficiently.

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mhm interesting but I was told surgery is the only way to get out the gallbladder stones

This is what all doctors say, which is why you need to invest in some serious research time online about liver flushes, and how they work.

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Have the gall stones caused you any pain? My dad had to have his gallbladder removed recently. He was in a ton of pain and felt so much better once it was out. However, I have no idea if it's related to acne. I suppose it could be causing some inflammatory issues. Be aware that you have to restrict your fat intake if you have your gallbladder out.

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yea I have done a ton of research on liver flushes and I told my doctor about how many people removed gallstones by doing them. I have done 3 of them and have never removed any stones that I know of.

Im just so confused on what to do because I wanna stay away surgery

and I still think I have leaky gut, is this connected to gallstones at all?

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Search about malic acid and dissolving gallstones, which you are recommended to do to increase their size before trying to flush them.

Not sure about the connection between leaky gut and gallstones though, sorry!

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I ran across the gallbladder/liver flush a few years ago and I tried it. I see there are a few versions and the one that has lemons in it, usually is the one I hear people say they do NOT get any out. I use the one with grapefruit juice and let me tell you, I've gotten to numerous to count out of my body with that recipe. The first time I got nothing but decided to try again one week later. I hit the motherload! I did another about 2 months after that and got just as many. Classic bright green ones but also lots of brown ones and some mixed. A couple were HUGE!

Although I'll say it was a bit harsh on the arse, I felt 100% better the next day. Its weird but you can actually feel "clean" on the inside. I felt lighter, had more energy and I didn't want to eat a lot. As time goes by I return to eating more but from my personal experience, it worked wonders for me! This is the version I used:

*3 large grapefruits (ruby red)

*AFter squeezing out the juice, I reserve 1/2 cup and put in fridge

*The remaining juice goes into a measuring cup and fill with purified water to make 3 cups

*I mix in 3 Tblspoons of Epsom salt and stir until it is ALL dissolved (may take a while)

6pm I drink 3/4 cup (will start going to the toilet)

8pm I drink 3/4 cup (frequent trips to toilet)

*put remainder of this mixture in fridge for next morning use

10pm I get out the 1/2 cup juice reserved and put in a shakable container and add my 1/2 cup

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and shake to mix. I down it as fast as possible and have already gotten ready for bed by then. I usually follow it with some pure water to try and wash the taste

out quickly. I go straight to bed and watch a movie lying flat on my back with my upper body inclined on a pillow. I can feel the movement inside if you concentrate on it. I then roll over on my right side and do a slightly fetal position and go to sleep.

8am drink 3/4 cup (hit the toilet and it is full of stones)

10am drink 3/4 cup (go to toilet on/off for a few hours with lots of stones)

It seems important to drink the last 2 portions in the morning to keep the bile ducts open so no stones get trapped. I've had what I imagine were trapped stones 2 times after doing this. I've found that if it happens I just drink a cup of warm water with epsom salt to open the ducts and the pain usually goes away.

Eat fruit or small salad later in day since I don't want lots to eat. Resume normal diet next day.

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