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Clindamycin dosage

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Hi all. I'm new around here, but glad that I found this place. I am 38 and recently started breaking out on my jawline and neck. My skin had been pretty stable up until the past year- not that it has ever been perfect (far from it), but the pregnant/nursing years were pretty free of breakouts for me.

Anyhow, I am back on a regimen, trying to get some control over these angry red bumps! My doc gave me Clindamycin and said to use it once a day. I use it with BP 2.5 % spot treatment. And I did that for 3 weeks with zero effects. The past week I upped it to 3 times a day (after morning shower, after work, before bed) and it seems to be clearing up and I've had no new breakouts.

My question is - anyone else use it that often? And did you have side effects? I know that the more I use it, the greater the chance for side effects. Anyone had any of those bad side effects listed for Clindamycin? Or has it worked for you?

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Please do not use it more often than directed; it's not just side effects that you risk, it's also the development of resistant bacteria. One of the worst side effects is antibiotic induced colitis. Clindamycin (also Keflex) is also associated with clostridium difficile, a highly antibiotic resistant colitis that can lead to perforations in the colon/intestine, electrolyte imbalances, even death.

I strongly recommend the 2.5% BP as an all over treatment, wherever you apply the clindamycin. It will serve a dual purpose:

1. help (along with the clindamycin) to prevent incipient pimples AND

2. help prevent the development of bacterial resistance due to the clindamycin.

One approach at decreasing antibiotic-resistant bacteria is to combine benzoyl peroxide with other topical agents with complementary but distinct mechanisms of antibacterial action, such as clindamycin or erythromycin.
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Thanks for that good info and for responding. Do you think using it twice a day would be OK? The instructions from the pharmacy say 2x, but my doc said once. She is very conservative with treatment. I am only using it on my jaw and neck, so it isn't going on a large area of my face.

Yes, I do worry about the systemic stuff- so I think I will cut back to 2x a day. And I am combining with BP. The combo of the two seems to be woking well. But if I go either all day or all night without both on my jaw and neck, I get a brand new bump.

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