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my dermarolling regimen , need advice please help

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Right, so ive been rolling with a 1.5 roller for around 2 months now , have done it twice already and i am have really seen no improvement whatsoever which is more than disheartening , i just caught a glimpse of my face in a car window and it looks absolutely vile , if anything worse than before..i'm really depressed right now , my job is stressful and everything thing i hoped would improve my scars seems to be failing anyway heres my regimen maybe some of you could help give me some tips

supplies i have :

surgical spirit ( to clean roller)

terproline face cream

bio oil

1.5 roller

10 mm diabetic needles

vitamin c chewables

complete multivitamin

fish oil

pure evening primrose oil


120 LED panel Three colors with Red 660, Infrared 880, Blue 465-470nm

120 590nm Yellow LED panel


this is what im using basically.. i just cant help thinking im doing something wrong, also could any of you point me out to a site where i can buy perlane? i cant seem to find any available in europe which is frustrating , i've tried the daphne filler but it seems pretty useless on me and its caused me some embarrasment moreso.

anyway any help is appreciated , thanks : ///

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Dermarolling materials

1. Alcohol (cleaning tools/skin prep) <-3 dollars

2. AHA 10% lotion (Skin Prep for removing dead skin cells before procedure) -10 dollars

3. Cotton (2 dollars)

4. Vitamin C Ascorbic acid 20% serum (assentual/important! For collagen remodeling)- 20 dollars

5. TGF-beta 1-skin growth factor cream (collagen growth)<-20 dollars

6. Ice-pack (skin numbing)-(12 dollars)

7. Vitamin A and D ointment (for collagen remodeling/healing) -30 dollars

8. Q-tips (5 dollars)

9. Dermaroller 1.5 mm (32 dollars)

10. 1.5 mm single needle (for individual scars) <- couple dollars

11. Numbing cream <-don’t remember price

12. Moisturizer with SPF (going outside)

13. Light Concealer (to hide redness … only apply 3 days later)

this is what I'm going to use. I think everybody has their own preference : )

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for vitamins im taking: omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin C with rosehip, one a day men's vitamin, alpha lipoic acid, acai berry, vitamin D3 with zinc, and green tea extract every other day.

Dont know if its helping skin or not but i sure feel healthy hah.

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btw... what kind of scarring do you have?

theyre a bit like rolling scars , on both cheeks

can you please give me a link for all the serums you use and tell me if you use them prior to rolling , after , how many mins after and in what quantity.. sry if this seems like alot of questions

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i dont think theres anything wrong with your regimen though. You have LED light-supposedly helps you heal and build collagen, which is probably better than my regimen (since i have no LED). Treproline is also very good for collagen and healing skin/scars so you dont need all the stuff i am using seperately. I think some people build collagen faster then others, it really depends on your own skin. Thats also why some people have GREAT results from subcision, and some have minimal results. Give your skin some time and be patient. If dermarolling doesnt work for you, i think there are some promising procedure/technology that may help scars in the near future. hopefully that helps. : )

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yea , it's a shame i really had high hopes for it , anyone else can offer some more insight?

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You're in the early stages. Give it more time. But I would try individually needling a deep scar or two, to speed things up.

It could be that your method is not aggressive enough on some of the scars you want raised up. For example, I have some isolated scars which will bleed when I needle, which may leave a scab for a week. Dermarolling may be good for small scars here and there, but if you really want to get worthwhile improvement, you need to get into the individual scars at different angles with a needle as opposed to a bunch of uniform needles.

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