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bacne and the regimen

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so i just want some feedback. does it really work?

ive been containing my bacne at moderate to severe for a good few months now.. but in the past week i feel like my back has exploded into the most severe ive ever seen it. honestly not much of my back isnt covered in disgusting acne.. and i need a fix!

i eat healthy, ive been on accutane twice, i work out daily, and i keep fresh and clean at all times!

im at my wits end here and im looking for new ways to deal with this. ive still yet to try the regimen so i figure now is a good a time as any if it's been successful for others.

so some feedback would be great.

did the regimen work for you?

how long did it take to see results?

were the results significant?

can i really only wear white? (heard the bp might bleach me)

anything else you can think of to help me out would be great too!


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I have had acne all my life, I am 48 and only have it on my shoulders and back these days. I only recently found this site and have been on the regimen for 2 weeks. The difference is amazing ! I would definitely try it.

I am in the UK so use off the shelf products similar to Dan's and it has worked amazingly well. First week my skin was a bit sandpapery and the AHA stung! but this week my back is smoothing out. I haven't felt it so smooth since I had a Summer in the sun a few years back. I am literally bouncing around with a smile on my face as I have at last a glimmer of hope in beating this thing. It hasn't bleached my clothes, i make sure it is dry before I shirt up. Best of luck and tell us how you get on.

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guess im gonna have to try my luck at it then. it looks promising so im really hoping this might be my chance at survival :P

anyone else having any luck?

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