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So im pretty scrawny 135Lbs and 5ft 11in ! I want to build up muscle and just bulk up abit. Im almost a carbon copy of my dad and he said he put on a stone of muscle when he was a bit older than me.

Im sure I read that working out and sweating causes acne, is this true? Also I would probably be eating lots of foods high in protein. So anyways if it does cause breakouts is it on the face or back where its been rubbing?

Also for people that are working out do you have any tecniques? Im a absolute novice when it comes down to it. Im 17 aswell.

Thanks guys

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I too have been trying too gain some mass over the last 3 weeks. Been working out, eating at least my body weight in protein (in grams) each day, and been sweating alot etc. Havent seen any increase in acne really at all.

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Your sebaceous glands (where acne starts) and your sweating glands are totally separate on your face, so it is not possible for sweating to interfere with acne. However, wiping your face to get rid of sweat can cause acne as you are causing irritation, so make sure you don't do that! smile.gif But yeah, lift away!

Dan told me this a while back: You can screw yourself up if you use the wrong technique, so get a personal trainer for like 3 sessions to show you exactly how to do each exercise, then you'll be doing it correctly from the off. Good luck!

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Or get a friend who knows how to do it. In High School, I had friends who were really into lifting that would teach my proper technique. Like a PE teacher but less intimidating.

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Also for people that are working out do you have any tecniques? Im a absolute novice when it comes down to it. Im 17 aswell.

If you want to get big and strong here are some tips... From the top of my head:

Eat a lot of protein. You should get about 1g-1.5g for every pound of your body weight.

Instead of eating 3 meals a day try to spread them out to 5-6 throughout the day to increase your motabolism. If you eat every 2 hours all the nutrients will be constantly used by your body.

Drink a lot of water. Helps remove toxins from your body. Keeps muscles hydrated (repair faster) and helps transport vitamins and minerals throughout your body faster.

Lift heavy with good form and techniques and less reps compared to lighter weights and more reps. Don't neglect your LEGS! Work them out. Too many people don't workout their legs and wonder why they are not getting big. Doing squats will make your whole body grow. Working out your legs releases hormones such as testosterone (male hormone) which WILL make you GROW!

You don't get big in the gym, you get big when you sleep. When you workout you tear your muscle fibers. Muscles are made when you rest. Don't workout the same muscle group 2 days in a row. Most muscles take about 72 hours to repair. Smaller muscle groups take less.

To get bigger you must consume more calories than your burn. If you have a fast metabolism you will need to eat a LOT.

Get a decent amount of rest. Try getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

Creatine and other supplements (including a protein supplement) will not do anything for you unless you have good nutrition and a good diet.

Be consistent. Don't give up. Give it time. Be patient.

Summary: Eat a lot of protein, Get a solid diet plan, Workout heavy, Get a lot of rest and get yourself a good multivitamin supplement.

There is a lot more info I could probably think of but I think I covered the most important.


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That advice is very very correct. Except protein can cause you to lose weight if you don't do it properly. You have to eat like mad and have protein in between meals or after workouts.

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