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Dermify...has anyone tried it?

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I've read just a little bit about Dermify (dermify.com), an "all natural" single-step acne treatment. It sounds a little too good to be true, althogh I must admit that it appeals to me because of the "all natural" claims (I tend to be skeptical about medicine).

So, has anyone here tried Dermify? What were your results (and how long did it take to see results?)? What severity was your acne before you started using Dermify?

Thanks for the feedback!

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I really hope someone has a good review behind this. After years of BP and acids, Carley's finally destroyed my face and I want to try something more "natural" and gentle.

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im approaching the 1 month mark.

I think its GREAT!

I have a post going around somewhere. This stuff heals your skin. I rarely need to moisturize. once a day max. I had bad BP damage from dans products even moisturizing all the time. This is fixing my skin and its looking better then ever.

I started this on a BAD breakout around the sides of my lips and chin. Those areas broke out while clearing up the acne i had when starting it. I have a couple big pimples coming to a whitehead and most of them are almost gone, my skin everywhere else is clear and almost instantly cleared since i started.

I have no whiteheads like i used to. I used to wake up to them on my nose, cheeks and chin every morning, no more after dermify.

i had one break out while using it. part of the problem was i wasnt leaving it on long enough, my face was too wet, and i didnt use it as a mask for 20 mins a few times a night. Now that i leave it on for 3-5 minutes before washing off, use it as a mask most nights, and as a spot treatment, my skin is clearing up fast and is no longer have ANY breakouts. Im basically clearing up whats left of the damage from dans products and on my way to clear skin. this stuff changed my perspective on acne skin care.

SCREW BP! dermify is IT!

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I am over BP as well and I wanted to give this a try. I am just on day 1, so no wild reports yet. I will let people know.

Just as a background, I am 25 and have tried for more than the past decade MANY products including:


All sorts of BP+acids

Prescription gels/creams


Magic voo doo crap

If nothing else, at least Dermify seems to be "green" and sustainable, so I do not have to feel bad about destroying the environment with my facial experiments.

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An update for everybody. so my face when i posted last was pretty bad around the mouth area because of how bad the breakout was. it seemed like it was getting better and worse at the same time, hard to explain, but the rest of my face was doing soo good.

after continuing with leaving this on my face for 3-5 minutes versus the 1 that they say, and using it as a mask for 20 minutes almost every night my face is taking a turn, for the better. its starting to clear up fairly fast and only maybe 2-3 small new blemishes that are already going away. areas like my forhead, nose, cheeks and temples are all clear and have been since i started. those areas are normally problem areas when i use stuff with BP. This is the first product i am gaining faith in, i hope it doesnt let me down. i went 3 days without moisturizing, first time ever. my skin is soo soft and smooth. its the first time in YEARS i can say that too.

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How's it going bigphil? I've been using this about a week now and I have to say I like it so far.

When you say you do the mask almost every night , you aren't also doing the normal 3 minute wash are you?

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Thanks for your feedback Bigphil! That was really great to hear. If you don't mind, could you please share what products you had tried before that DIDN'T work for you? Kanelam and Andersoj, how are you guys doing with Dermify? I still haven't decided whether I'm going to try it, but I'm definitely leaning in that direction now!

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Just an update.

I was recovering from a horrible BP experience (Carley's...what a nightmare) so bear in mind I was starting in a very bad position.

Dermify did seem a little drying, but it comes with a small cream that works well and I am sure any non-clogging cheap mosturizer would work. My skin was already flaky and damaged from my previous treatment though, so like I said, this may not be a Dermify only problem.

As for the results, I have been VERY pleased. The red marks from my previous problems are significantly reduced and I am sure in time will heal. I still have pimples (mostly around my lips as I have facial hair) but they are very small and none are painful. Also they "drain" very easily, coming to a head much quicker. I suffered from cysts in the past and so far I have not had ONE ugly, bumpy or painful cystic nodule. All the pimples are small and, for the most part, not particularly visible unless someone was really in my face. Also, remember it has been only a few weeks.

I never expected Dermify to be a 100 percent solution, but I can honestly say it has been a good experience so far and based on its "natural" methods and its environmentally friendly formula, I see myself sticking with this as long as it works (hopefully forever, lol). This is coming from someone who has tried everything from Accutane to magic potions for my skin.

I will update you all in a few weeks.

Edited by kanelam
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I don't know why this product isn't registered under the review section.

Well, I promised a bit of an update. I can say without qualification that my acne is greatly reduced and at its lowest point in my life (well, since before I had it in the first place). I have had no painful or large cysts and my face would look great if not for the previous damaging red marks and what not from other treatments :(

With that said, its not 100 percent clear, but I didn't expect that. Interesting enough I get little ones around my lips still (probably due to facial hair getting infected) and and the right part of my lower jaw still hasn't fully recovered from when it broke out from Carley's. Its funny as one side of my face has NO acne and the other still has a bit in the same section.

As a side note, I am on two medications (non-acne related) that have a slight chance of causing/increasing acne. Since I am already acne prone, I am sure that is part of why my face is not fully clear in general, so Dermify may even work BETTER for you.

I am sticking with this product and am very pleased with the results. I will let people know if anything radical changes.

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