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2 Months on the Regimen, SUCCESS, after trying 3 times.

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Hello Acne.org peoples. I just had to write today to tell you about my progress. I've tried the regimen over the years since 2005, and never really got it to work for me. Well let me tell you something, the first two times, I gave up way too soon, and this is a huge mistake.

Why did I give up? I had major redness and burning so bad, that I thought I was destroying my face, to make it short, it scared me, and I thought I was going to make it things worse.

What made it difference this time? Rock bottom. I had 2 painful cysts on my face, and I thought, nothing could be worse than this, so I gave it another shot. I went through all the burning, not from the BP necessarily but the moisturizer after, for 1 month, it was hard but I hung in there. I'm on to month number two now, and I have none of the issues I started out with. I'm 98% clear. I get maybe a tiny whitehead here and there but I don't get large lesions anymore. Now I'm just trying to come to terms with the scarring I could have avoided if I just stuck with it, but I'm feel like, hey!, I'm okay.

So to anyone who felt like they failed on the Regimen, I'd say give it a couple of months before you give up. Even if you feel like your face is melting off, back off, start over with a tiny amount of bp, and give yourself some time to get used to the program. Also I followed all the advice at this thread this time around: ( http://www.acne.org/messageboard/state-min...rn-t117898.html )

For the record, I have no more burning with the moisturizer like I use to, my face still look a bit more tan/red, but its so much better and more attractive than acne lesions, and I'm sure the longer I stay on the program, it will have more time to improve. I still get flaky from time to time, but jojoba oil is a beast, I love it. I'm about to get some AHA to see how that works as well, but I haven't tried it yet.

TIPS. Use white towels if you care about bleaching, and this one was major for me: WASH YOUR HANDS every time before BP and moisturizer. Just follow all the steps precisely and you should see results!



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