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The Journey of Hopeful Skin Perfection

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So. Here is the Roaccutane (yes, I'm British) log of a seventeen-year-old girl. I don't want to feel alone when taking this drug, so that is why I am making this log on here, y'see?

Basically I've been suffering from the hideousness of acne since I was twelve/thirteen. Mainly it's on my forehead, but I also get it on my chin and around my nose. It's super oily in these areas, which means I have pores as big as craters. A pretty sight.

I also frequently get them on my back and a couple on my chest. 

I've always thought my acne was the worst possible, but after seeing the logs of some of the poor souls here, it turns out I was being a little dramatic. But, yeah, it still looks terrible.

I'm finally on Roaccutane after many hopeless doctor visits, so here's hoping my future will be clear!

Thursday 27/5/10

Had a dermatologist appointment on this day. 

I discussed the drug with my dermatologist, and, happy to go along with it, I got weighed and my blood was taken. I tried to be a brave girl, but I couldn't stop shaking. I hate needles. Bleugh.

Monday 31/5/10

Next appointment. Different dermatologist.

We were just discussing all the necessary precautions before taking 'tane. But when we were discussing bloods, followed by pregnancy tests, she asked if I had done this on my previous visit, as she wasn't my derma on my first time round. Thinking she meant the blood tests, I said yes. After this, she wrote my presciption, then sent me off to pick up my 'tane. I'm on 30mg for the first month, but I don't know if I can take it - I've not actually had any pregnancy tests. And I'm pretty sure my derma said it was required by law. I don't know what I'm going to do. I feel too guilty. I know for sure I'm not actually pregnant, but if this is necessary... And I didn't correct her at the time, still being confused at what test she meant, and I'm just that shy type of person who doesn't speak up as often as she should. Gaah.

Same Day After First Dose

Took my first dose after dinner. I decided to try and forget the whole pregnancy test dilemma. I still feel guilty, but if it ever comes up again, I'll just act innocent like I don't know what she means. Maybe the puppy dog eyes would work?

My lips are starting to feel throbby and dry already. But I think they were pretty dry before 'tane. I can't imagine how they'll feel a month or so into the course...

Tuesday 1/6/10 - Day 2

Bought a whole load of skin products for my regimen.

-Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

-Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion

-Simple Pure Soap for Sensitive Skin

-Sanex Dermo Sensitive Shower Cream

-Carmex Cherry Lip Balm SPF 15

I also got some vitamin supplement... things... to help me when I get to the 'joint pain, thinning hair, brittle nails' stage:

-Glucosamine Sulphate


I also want to try Neostrata Skin Brightening Cream with SPF 15.

I think this would be a very good addition to my regimen, because it's supposed to make skin look brighter (Really?! Would never have guessed!) and help with hyperpigmentation - something I unfortunately suffer from. It also protects skin from the sun, an added bonus!

BUT it has vitamin A, and I know us on Roaccutane aren't supposed to take anything with that vitamin in it. But is that just orally? Or topical, too? Help would be much appreciated!

My skin is starting to feel quite itchy, and it's only been my second dose! My already very puffy eye is hellish at the moment - it's been pretty itchy for a while now, and it looks so red, swollen and, quite frankly, a state. It's so dry, and the 'tane won't be doing it any favours. I'll just put moisturiser on it and see how it fares. I don't have a clue of how to clear it...

Oh, and I'll upload pictures tomorrow morning!

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I absolutely hate needles too. The major thing that turned me off with Accutane was the idea of having to be poked by a needle once a month. Shockingly I'm actually kind of used to it now that I'm almost done with the treatment. Maybe you'll get over the fear too!

As for the birth control thing, I would just talk to your doctor more about it. I've heard that you can be on Accutane without birth control as long as you absolutely swear on abstinence. The whole process is such a pain in the butt for girls. (Guys always have it better, huh? ;) )

The skin brightening cream looks interesting. I've been looking into some, myself, since I suffer from some leftover red marks. I looked up the ingredients in it and the acids might be good or bad while you're on the drug. If you're like me, you can handle it with no problem but if you happen to be like some of the other people with super sensitive skin on Accutane, it might not be a good choice. Just determine how sensitive or dry your skin gets while you're being treated.

Also I loved Aquaphor to put on my lips at night and there's an awesome moisturizing lotion by CeraVe. I had some eczema on my hands from Accutane and the lotion cleared it up in a matter of a night.

Good luck with everything!

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@mercyunbound: Thanks very much for your input!

Hopefully I will get over that fear of needles. They will be used a lot, so, like you, I should get used to it!

I'm still kinda wary about using the skin brightening cream. I think I might ask my dermatologist about it, just to be on the safe side.

The CeraVe product sounds exactly like the kind of moisturiser I need for my eye! Thanks for suggesting it.

Good luck to you too for the remainder of your course!

Wednesday 2/6/10 - Day 3

Face is sooo itchy! Is this supposed to happen? I know skin gets very dry, but does it get this itchy? The make-up remover wipes I'm using are doing me no favours. They're supposed to be for sensitive skin but they sting like hell. My guess is that they're from Asda, so they're probably not the greatest. Can anyone here recommend really soft, gentle, sensitive face wipes?

Also, I hate wearing make-up because I feel fake, so I've invested in some concealers from The Natural Collection. One is a Green Stick to cover up red patches, and one is a light skin tone for the blemishes. I love them, because they do a good job AND don't make me look orange anymore! I'm my normal, pale-almost-ghostly self!

EDIT: I have just got to say, I highly recommend Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. I've just used it there, and it made my skin amazingly soft. It's a great buy.

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Thursday 3/6/10 - Day 4

Just woken up, and my puffy, itchy eyelid feels like it's preventing me from actually opening it. Actually, in a few days, I think this will be the case. I need to get this CeraVe moisturising lotion, and quick.

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Do you have an eye infection, perhaps? I strangely got one while I was on Accutane and my entire eye was sore, red and itchy. >_<

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@mercyunbound: That actually sounds very likely. I think I'll go see my doctor ASAP about it. It's driving me nuts.

EDIT: I know I said I'd upload pictures... I'll get there soon.

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Still only one commenter? No worries, I'll just reply to myself. 8)

Friday 4/6/10 - Day 5

Stiff joints. I hope to combat this with the continuation of my excercise and Glucosamine Sulphate...

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Also, I think I'm having an IB. Sadface. It's horrible - all between my eyebrows and at the side of my nose, in the 'crook'. Mainly I get horrendous, painful whiteheads. This is no exception.

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I've noticed that people start to comment on logs when they see pictures. They're biased. ;) I hope your IB ends soon!

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@mercuryunbound: Thanks, I hope so too!

Ah, so you guys want pictures, eh? Well then, looks like I'll have to get off my lazy butt and post some!

Day 1:


This is a crappy close up of my main problem areas, and, as you can see, my red eyelid.


God, I hate when I have to use a hairband. I have a full fringe - uh, bangs - so it's kinda necessary if I'm going to show off my forehead to the unsuspecting world.


'Scuse the hair here. I don't know what was going on with it.

I'll upload Day 6's pictures soon. I haven't take them yet!

I know it seems kind of mild compared to some, but, one, the pictures aren't that great, and two, it's my face and I'm the one who has to live with it, no matter how mild it seems.

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@faithinhim: Thank you!

Sunday 6/6/10 - Day 7

It's 11:45 AM right now, so when I finally get up this morning, I'll try and have more pictures.

Also, tomorrow, my boyfriend is coming over. I haven't seen him in ages because of exams, and I'm really excited, but then I remember my face looks like something from Doctor Who, so then I just feel like curling up in bed all day (which is pretty much the way my day is going today). I can't remember the last time I looked him in the eye because I'm so self-consious about my face.

On the plus side, my eye seems to be less puffy. I could actually open it no problem when I woke up! But yeah, it's still all red and dry.

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Hm. I don't write this log for nothing. I was hoping for some more support and advice...

Thursday 10/6/10 - Day 11

Officially started taking Glucosamine Sulphate for my joints and back, and Biotin, just for thinning hair and nails. I'll probably reach these stages soon, so the sooner I start taking these supplements, the better. I've already got a problem with bending over in my lower back.

My forehead is looking atrocious. Lots of bloody whiteheads are setting up camp. I've had a problem with squeezing them, but now, I'm trying not to to see if they go away any faster. I'm trying to tell myself, 'your forehead is looking relatively clear, you only have red spots and whiteheads, the rest is clear'. I know this sounds obvious, but it's actually helping me. If you don't understand my technique... Eh, I guess you'll have to actually climb into my head to work out what the hell is going on in there.

I want to use a good skin scrub, since there is obviously still dead skin cells and oil blocking up my pores, causing these dastardly whiteheads. Anyone got any suggestions? And I still want to know about any sensitive face wipes that are out there...?

As for my eyes, they're still red and itchy, but not so puffy. It's horrible, with my skin flaking off... Yes, that's gross, I won't say anymore.

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I'll just keep replying to myself... Yup.

Friday 11/6/10 - Week 2, Day 12

So, today I went to Boots and got some Hydrocortisone cream for what is most likely eczema on my eyes, according to the nurse at the dermatologist. I gave her a call because I absolutely couldn't stand the itchyness anymore, so she reccomended I get this cream from the pharmasist. Since it's strong, I'll be putting it on twice a day, but only for seven days. Nothing I've tried so far has worked; Fuciden cream, certain moisturisers, even cucumber slices stung like hell! So we shall see how I fare after this.

Acne wise, my face still looks like shit. I woke up this morning with an explosion of blackheads all over the left side of my nose! Previously it was just the right. I just don't know how to shift them! I clean my face throughly with pure soap every morning. Maybe I need a scrub. Does Accutane get rid of blackheads eventually?

I thought the cause of these blackheads might be the new concealers I bought. I read that mineral enriched, oil-free makeup is the way to go, so I bought some of that in Boots today.

But guess what I forgot? Facewipes.

The last thing I bought was Johnsons Baby Shampoo and Conditioner, because with my extremely sensitive skin, other shampoos were too harsh. Also, my full fringe/bangs really irritates my forehead, and probably makes my skin greasier. Hopefully this gentler shampoo/conditioner will do the trick.

SO! That's my update for today. Tune in tomorrow, nobody!

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I too am on Roaccutane and from the uk, GREAT site for support and advice etc is


have a look, its got me through some hard times!

Kira xxx

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I definitely hear you about the blackheads. I woke up one day, about the second week and was like "Woah,huge pores filled with blackheads, where did that come from?" I think it is definitely part of the IB, accutane getting rid of all that nasty yucky stuff.

Good luck with your journey! :D I hope your eyes clear up soon! Eczema is a pain.

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@PrincessKira: Uh, thanks. I'll check it out. Or trust my instincts.

@calabi: Thanks for the words! When you put it like that, Accutane getting rid of everything, it sounds a lot better! It's one of those 'it's gonna get worse before it gets better'-type situations, huh? But still, IBs suck.

And thank you - I hope the eczema clears up too. Hopefully within the week!

Whilst I'm kinda still on the topic of blackheads, I just bought myself some Bióre Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips from Superdrug's website. I can't stand the way my blackheads are looking at the moment, so I thought I'd go for a temporary, quick-fix solution, just for the meantime - I know pore strips won't prevent them, but that's what the Roaccutane is for!

I'll report back when I get them, and use them.

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Saturday 12/6/10 - Week 2, Day 13

Feeling quite depressed today. This isn't anything new for me though, but maybe the Accutane is aggrevating my depression. My emotions are very wild, so one minute I can be all happyhyperlaughing to feeling my life is worth nothing. I'm hoping this is just my hormones and nothing desperately serious.

Maybe I should've told my derma that I suffer from depression before I went on Accutane? He did say I should. Ach, I don't give a damn - it's not going to make any difference.

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Sunday 13/6/10 - Week 2, Day 14

Zinc and Clear Skin Supplement with Burdock Root added to my regimen.

Also got Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes - also with zinc - for makeup removal. Hoping these wipes are gentler.

I tried my oil-free makeup today, too. It gives amazing coverage, so amazing on fact, that I only need a tiny amount - something I'll have to keep in mind next time!

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Thursday 17/6/10 - Week 3, Day 18

I got my pore strips yesterday, so I used them straight away. I saw some difference in the amount of blackheads, but not as much as I've seen on some people after they've used the strips. I'm hoping today after my shower will be better because my pores will be more open then.

1 Hour Later

Alright. It took away a lot more this time. Don't get me wrong, there are still thousands of blackheads there, but there are now patches of missing ones. I hope it stays that way.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, my eczema is virtually gone. My eyes are not red anymore and the itchyness is practically gone. There's still a little dryness, but I'm not finished my seven days of Hydrocortisone yet. That cream is an absolute godsend. It's like it was sent from the heavens to kick ass.

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@faithinhim: Thanks! Unfortunately my eczema is back. If I don't use the Hydrocortisone, it returns almost immediately, but I can't use the cream for long periods of time. It's quite a pickle.

Friday 25/6/10 - Week 4, Day 26

Had another derma appointment today. I actually got taken early! Wow. So anyway, I've been upped from 30mg to 60mg, but my derma says if it feels like too much, I can go down to 40mg, so we'll just see how it goes.

As for my blackheads... Wow. They've just... vanished! It's amazing. I don't know if it's the new Garnier Exfo-Brush I've been using, or just the 'tane, but whatever it is, I'ma keep doing it.

All in all, things are looking slightly better, so I'm happy at the moment.

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@HereComesTheSun: Aww, poor you! That sucks, but trust me, if you try the Exfo-Brush, you will not be disappointed. It's amazing! I hope, if you do use it, it works out for you!

And I love your username, btw.

Saturday 26/6/10 - Week 4, Day 27

Guess who got a fake tan today! I'm going on holiday on Monday, so I thought one would nice to cover up my problem skin areas. Eee.

Acne-wise, I'm actually seeing a lot more improvement than originally thought. There are still some spots popping up here and there, but nothing too major. The eight tablets I take every day are doing a kick-ass job. :)

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