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Few Questions About Tane

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Hi guys,

I was just woundering how long it takes to start the course of accutane after seeing a dermatolagist if he/she proscribes it? Blood Test Results etc?

Also from what i've read, going on holiday or out in the sun is not a good idea whilst on the drug, can anyone confirm it's not that bad as long as sun screen is worn?


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For me it took a little over a month from my first derm appointment, to actually having a box of Roaccutane in my hand.

Re: Holidays/sun. It's recommended that you avoid it as much as possible. However, I got myself a SPF 30 sunscreen, cover myself in it whenever it's likely to be sunny, and I've had no problems at all (and I burn pretty easily).

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I think the timing depends on where you live. I saw my derm, got my prescription and blood work order and then the next weekend I got my blood done and I got my accutane in the middle of the week (getting the blood work done apparently only takes 2-3 days). I was told by my derm that once I got my blood tested I need only phone him to see if it was all okay, if it was (and it was) I could start my course. So all in all from derm --> tane was about 1.5 weeks, I could probably have gotten it a little sooner if I'd got my blood tested during the week but I work full time so the weekend was the only option. As for the sun, SPF 30 or more should do you fine. I used SPF 40.

ps I live in Vancouver Canada in case you were wondering

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Depends on the doctor. I was on accutane within 1 week of the doctor visit. I has spoken with my doc about accutane for probably 2 months, I was there for other reasons and then on my 3rd visit, he gave me my first prescription, filled out the bloodtest sheet and told me to give him a call 2 days after I got them. Gave him the call, he put in the ipledge system and told me I was good to go to the pharmacy.

Edit...Just read the Micknight's post above, basically the same thing as him.

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I am a female and live in Ontario Canada. We don't have the iPledge in Canada so it is alot quicker ( not that this really pertains to you as you are male, haha) The day I went in to see the doctor was the day I was able to pick up my accutane. Although, I have seen this doctor since I was itty bitty so he knows my whole history and what not and we had talked about Accutane prior to this occasion. He also told me I did not have to get my blood test done until before my next appointment ( in a month) I guess it really depends on where you live, your derm or doctor, etc. Hope this helps!

You should be ok in the sun as long as you have a good sunscreen and aren't out for a very, very long time. A little tip, make sure not to avoid your scalp. I made this mistake and burnt there but nowhere else.

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