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Spiro and Weight GAIN!

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I've been on Spiro for about 10 months and I think it may have made me gain weight.... It was a slow weight gain at first, then I just started eating unhealthy and my weight skyrocketed.

From about 125lbs to 145lbs...

I've been trying to lose the weight, eating low low cals, working out, etc. but it's not working. I found some stuff online saying it can cause weight gain in some women since it blocks testosterone or something...

So for the next 2 weeks, I'm going to be very strict about what I eat and workout a lot and we'll see.... if I STILL don't lose weight it must be the Spiro... If I DO lose weight, then I was just being lazy and not realizing it! :dance:

Let's hope I am able to lose this weight and stay on Spiro, b/c from what I understand, anyone who goes off it has to deal with a return of their cystic acne...

Anyone else here gain weight on spiro?? I know it cause water weight loss at first, but that's not what I'm talking about.

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Also I should add, I was up to about 160 in Feb and after working out constantly all of March I lost 15lbs... SO.... I was able to LOSE WEIGHT ;) And I might be stalling out on the weight loss right now b/c i'm not paying enough attention.

Let's hope so ladies, because after 10 months I have finally gotten rid of my cystic acne...

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