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Anyone know a healthy cabbage recipe?

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I've never made cole slaw before and am kind of in the mood for something new and tasty that won't break me out.

The only thing I know of that goes into cole slaw is cabbage and carrots. I don't mind using an organic type of dressing with a LITTLE added sugar, but not much.

Other than that, I'm up for any good slaw recipes!

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I thought coleslaw was mayonaise based?? Actually I'm not sure, it tastes a little unusual.. like some kind of half breed between vinegar and mayonaise if that makes any sense but I've never made it myself so I'm not sure what actually goes into it!

I've been in the mood for some really good coleslaw too though, now that summers here expecially I love cold food!! But if it IS mayonaise based theres a recipe for coconut oil based mayo that I saw on bees canidia website earlier which looks good as I've been looking for some kind of mayo that isnt based off gross soy/canola oils etc. Also- there

s a coleslaw recipe that looks really good on Elanas Pantry, I'll have to hunt that down as well!

I'm not sure how good the garlic mayo would go w/ coleslaw but perhaps it could be subbed with more lemon juice etc. I'm not sure I'll have to try it. Oh- and alternativista makes a good point as well, you could also make your slaw strictly vinegar based too, thinking about that it doesnt sound half bad!


Looking at this recipe again this mayo honestly does sound tasty, the recipe would make alot so I think ill try making a small batch as a test run.


this looks really good- also the marcola almonds could be easily subbed w/ regular almonds etc. I think its a good recipe to use as a base atleast and it looks pretty and yum!


this mayo looks DELISH (can you tell i have a slight "THING" for mayonaise LOL) but I don't know where I can find marcona almonds around here as I've never seen them in my bulk section etc :(

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Homemade slaw is great... be it vinegar-based or mayonnaise-based. Homemade olive oil mayo is amazing. I love that I can literally slather it on anything guilt-free because it is only olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar and egg yolk.

Another of my favorites is stuffed cabbage... there is a Hungarian stuffed cabbage dish that I love, Töltött káposzta. Looks like this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C3%B6lt%C3%B6tt_k%C3%A1poszta. There are endless amounts of recipes with different variations.

Ooh, here you go - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarma_%28food%29. A pretty widely-eaten food it seems. I might have to cook up a batch of these here soon also!

Cabbage is also great braised with meats, or even stewed with some other veggies. I occasionally make a big vat of zucchini, sweet potato & cabbage soup that is money.

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yeah, most are mayo based. But don't do that. Use a vinaigrette. My favorite also involves some feta cheese, but if you don't eat dairy you won't want to do that.

Also, stir fry it with a lot of onion, garlic, ginger and other veggies. And add it to soup.

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If you're looking to eat it raw, I really enjoy a wrap filled with shredded cabbage, shredded or thinly sliced carrots and cukes, and sprouts. I use a cheese grater to shred everything, it works great. I first had this at an organic cafe where they spread guacamole on one side of the wrap and cream cheese on the other side before they fill it with the veggies. That way is good, but if you have hummus on hand, I think spreading guacamole on half the wrap and hummus on the other half, then wrapping the veggies up in it, is the BESTTTT!

For cooked cabbage-

#1 way best tasting way to eat it is boiled (in veggie broth) with whole cloves of garlic. You might lose some nutrients or whatever from the boiling but if you let everything get soft and mushy..oh my. its SO good that way. You could save the broth for my next recipe, though I have yet to actually do so..

#2 Curry cabbage and veggie soup! I start with some olive oil and saute onions and garlic. Then fill the pot up with water and add chopped cabbage, carrots and a pack of veggie soup mix. (You could use veggie broth or add a buillon cube too - I do it different every time hah). I let that cook for 20 min or so and then add diced yellow squash, diced zucchini, anything that sounds good. At this point I would start adding curry powder, turmeric, salt, pepper, maybe some chili powder and garlic and onion powder if the original garlic and onion aren't strong enough. I let this mixture of stuff sit on the stove for probably 45 minutes or an hour.. taste testing the whole time as I slowly add more spices. When I think its done, I add a handful of spinach and chopped chives. ta-da! curried vegetably delicious soup.

I have quite a few herbs growing in my backyard now so next time I make the soup I will have to start experimenting with them. Anybody have a suggestion for herbs?

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I'll have to try a healthy mayo recipe and make my own vinaigrette. I've never tried just using plain ol' vinaigrette before.

The taste of raw cabbage just doesn't work for me unless it's smothered in something good.

I do enjoy cooked cabbage. I love steamed cabbage with some sea salt and pepper and my mom used to make a good fried cabbage, frying it in butter - but I'd rather not go that route, as tasty as it sounds.

I haven't tried cabbage soup, but I'll give that a try, too.

tree, hummus is one of those things that the mere mention of the word incites a gag reflex in me. I was in a group that traveled to Colorado for a month. We were greatly limited on food when we would go on long backpacking trips for days at a time. One of our last meals was this god awful hummus smothered onto a cold, hard, moldy pita. It was the first, and only, time I have ever consumed hummus and I'm sure there are different flavors, but I can't get past the initial gag of even hearing the name.

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