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Is it okay to use anti-wrinkle creams at age 19?

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I don't have any wrinkles, but I do have lines under my eyes (even though I sleep a lot) and a super fine line on my forehead. I also think an anti-wrinkle cream would be good at kinda "plumping" up some of my depressed scars. I have bad genes and I'm honestly scared of getting wrinkles. Plus with years of retinoid use and it drying out my skin, I'm even more afraid I'll get them soon. I know there's really no way to combat aging skin in the long run, but there are older people who have less wrinkles than others and I would like to be one of those people :) So, is it okay to use anti-wrinkle creams at age 19?

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Experts say it is OK. It isn't a good idea to do it too young, because you are still growing, and your skin is fragile when you are a young person. However, whether or not you are 19, 21, 45, or even 60; you can benefit from an anti-wrinkle cream. Just use the best discretion possible. Anytime you use a high intensity reversal treatment, you need a REALLY effective moisturizer. I hope this helps. :)

Side-note: H20 is important. Drinking at least 3 liters of water per day. Or one 8 oz. glass for every hour you are awake will help replenish your skin, and keep it hydrated.

Here are some helpful links (AGAINST and FOR):

Link #1

Link #2

Link #3

Link #4

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Like they say, it's easier to prevent than it is to treat.

There's a new book out with a lot of interesting information about stuff like this. "Simple Skin Beauty" By Ellen Marmur. Honestly, the best prevention for wrinkles is sunscreen. The sun really damages DNA and causes premature aging.

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I use my mom's and I'm fifteen. :shrug: I think it'll be good in the long run. When you're old and using it, it isn't really doing much because the damage has already been done. It can only fix it so much...

My aunt started using it at my age and she's almost 30 years old now. No wrinkles yet! :P

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From what I've read, retinoid use actually helps prevent wrinkles? I mean they use retinoids in wrinkle creams...

Also, I started using an anti-aging serum when I was like 19 (I'm 21 now). I have the same issues you do with the fine lines under my eyes and on my forehead. I use Olay regenerist daily regenerating serum.... I'm not sure how much it does for wrinkles, but it contains niacinamide so it makes my skin smooth and helps even out my skintone. If it happens to work for wrinkles like it claims to (may not contain enough peptides), that's a bonus.

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I read in Woman's Health Magazine that it's good to start using ant-wrinkles cream in your early twenties, so I guess 19 is fine. I have started using such cream few months ago, it's one of L'Oreal anti-aging creams, it's great, makes my skin smooth but the only problem is that it makes my skin oily after few hours. I tried Olay Regenerist few weeks and it made my skin broke out :/ (waste of money!) I'm back to L'Oreal now though I really want to try something new.

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