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FL Girl

Accutane and destroyed lips, help!

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Hi everyone, just a little background. I am an 18 year old female on day 78 of accutane.

Basically, accutane has destroyed my lips. At first it was just the expected drying and flaking but now in my third month it has gotten much worse. The only product I've been using for them is Aquaphor, which has been great. However, within the past few weeks, I've noticed several white spots on my upper lip line. After some internet researching, they seemed to match the description of Fordyce's spots, it does not look like acne because it doesn't come to a head, and can only really be seen when the lip is stretched. But here's the thing, being very curious I picked at them a bit (terrible, I know) and when i squeezed a spot really hard, a somewhat firm white substance would come out. I am now left with swollen, red marks on my upper lip. I can cover them up for going out in public but kissing is out of the question because it is so unsightly. The marks have been there for about 2 weeks now, and there are still many white spots.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to treat these white things, or ideas as to what they are? Could the aquaphor have caused this?

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im really not sure...i have heard that aquaphore clogs pores, so thay may just be spots, just look a bit different. i would use carmex lip balm, (in the squeezy tube though)for dry lips. sorry cant be of more help x

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I'm thinking about asking for accutane next time I go to the dermatologist. This kind of worries me, but I recommend you try vaseline if you haven't already. Try to apply it at night, because it makes your lips very shiny. For me, it has always hydrated my lips without clogging any of my pores.

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I am currently on my second course of accutane and live in a pretty dry climate. I started using vaseline at night and constantly applying Clinique Repairwear Intensive Lip Treatment during the day, and despite my peeling skin, my lips are not too dry. I find that this product is truly the only thing that seems to work. It is a bit pricey, but sooo worth it! Hope that helps! :)

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