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acne plus SENSITIVE/ALLERGIC- can anyone help?

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Is anyone else out there really sensitive and allergic as well as acne-prone? If so what is your regimen?? I saw a dermo- cost over $200, but she said she couldn't do much because I have contraindications to most of the treatments that actually work.

I have a very over-active immune system which has meant I've spent a lot of time in hospital over the last 3 years (actually it's from that and drugs prescribed for it that I got severe acne for the first time aged 29- barely got the odd pimple in my teens), so I have to be careful what I use.

I have tried BP, but I'm severely allergic to it (tried on 2 occasions with a tiny amount of 2.5 % and my face swelled up so my eyes shut and my throat and lips were swollen (angioedema), followed by a rash that stayed on my face and throat for a week) so that's out.

The dermatologist prescribed oral cephalexin, but it also gave me angioedema, which is actually not an uncommon response to antibiotics.

I can tolerate a lactic acid scrub that I have, but it doesn't seem to be getting rid of my acne. Does any have any other ideas? ..... PLEASE?????

I know I have bigger problems and I shouldn't focus on this, but it's honestly the straw that broke the camel's back. I feel like I am so close to just ripping my stupid face off. I can't stand it anymore!

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Sorry for your troubles first off. Is it a medication side effect and hospital stays that caused your acne? If it is, obviously, you'd have to stop taking the offending medicine or find an alternative. Other than that i'm not sure, BP works ok to kill bacteria but i wouldn't worry really if you are allergic since it isn't a cure really, especially for severe acne. Cystic acne can't really be dealt with with topicals. I don't know what you mean by severe, but if its cystic there may not be an answer in your current situation.

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Have you tried AHA products? If you can tolerate the lactic acid, maybe other acids are okay for you? I've had great success with AHA.

I'm so sorry to read about what you're dealing with. That sounds really hard. I remember the first time I talked to an MD about my acne, which was only moderate, and I said something like, "I know it's not THAT bad." And he said, "Well, no, but it's your face!" I felt understood.

Good luck.

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are u just looking for stuff to apply to ur face? a good face wash/mositurizer that will keep ur face nice and clean:

-DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel

-DDF Utlra Lite Oil Free Mositurizing Dew

both are formulated for sensitve skin

a good pill/topical for sensitive skin are: spiro and differin. differin has a few verizon and one is VERY gentle. im not on it now, but i have been on it in the past

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