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Moisturizer recommendations?

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Hey! I am currently using a rather expensive moisturizer that works well for my oily skin. I'm sick of running out of the product and buying another freaking one!

I'm looking for a cheaper alternative.. an oil-free moisturizer that doesn't make my skin oily! Can someone help me :o??

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i recently fell in love with Target brand Up & UP

They make a knock off of Olay Complete SPF 15 All day moisture for sensitive skin.

I was a little nervous to try a store brand but surprised how much I like it.

Absorbs fast, not greasy, zinc oxide, no white residue.

I have extremely sensitive skin and combination dry/oily skin and think this one is great.

just perfect. and cheap

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My derm put me on Cera Ve. Love it. It is not the cheapest but is great for acne prone and sensitive skin. Also used Dan Kerns in the past. It was great too.

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Straight up aloe vera gel works great for me, and is way cheaper than most dedicated moisturizers.

I also really like Gold Bond Ultimate lotion, but I can't vouch that it doesn't have any comedogenic ingredients. No obvious ones though :P

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Itchy, flaky, irritated. That was my face every morning after washing. (yay for accutane and hot showers) It felt uncomfortable to smile. Commercial moisturizers were ineffective, in fact they often made the problem worse and gave my a face nice greasy sheen.

I got tired of all the marketing bull that most lotions (and products in general) spew at you. If you look at the ingredients and take the time to research what each one actually does, you'd be surprised at how much 'filler' is in even the most expensive products.

Then I discovered pure USP-grade glycerin. This can be purchased very cheaply at most drug stores. It is an ingredient in many commercial lotions and is touted (quite accurately) as a effective skin-softener.

What you do is dampen your face with water, then rub a quarter-sized portion of glycerin over the entirety of your face. Massage it into your skin and leave it on for ten minutes or more while you do other things. After that, just wipe or blot the excess off with a towel. Do not wash it off. You'll find that your skin will feel soothed, softer, and will be thoroughly moisturized throughout the day.

Try it!

EDIT: I just took a look at the active ingredients of the original poster's "Clinique Moisture Surge" and guess what? The number two ingredient is glycerin.

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Complex 15 is really good for oily skin. u can get it at CVS for like 6 bucks

its oil-free won't clog pores, fragrence free, etc. Its non greasy and just enough moisturize if ur super oily

But if that isn't enough moisture, CeraVe is also very good

And if u want something with SPF, Purpose Dual Moisturizer is good.

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It seems counter-intuitive to use oil on oily skin but many times skin can be oily because it's too dry. A moisturizer with the right oils might actually help more than the oil free ones to restore the moisture w/o getting that greasy feeling! Just thought I'd throw that out there, if you have your own reasons than I apologize!


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