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Depressed in Korea

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HI everyone,

I have been in Korea for about the past 3 months and my acne has gotten really bad. I don't know if it is the water or if I am not sleeping well enough but it has just exploded. My skin is also really dry and itchy and it is just uncomfortable. Plus, I am like 6 feet 7 inches so I already stand out big time. It has just been hard feeling ugly and feeling like people are talking about my skin. Anyway, I come home in 4 days and couldn't be more excited. I plan on seeing a derm when I get back and hopefully trying accutane. I need to figure out something because I can't stay depressed about my skin. Sorry about the rant. I just love having this place to share my experience with you all.


I want to post some pictures but my camera just ran out of batteries. Thanks for letting me vent

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get enuf sleep..really..my skin was gettin like ok and i didn't sleep for two nites(continuous) n it began to break out..and get some regular physical activity goin..runnin,joggin,skippin,fighting,pumpin iron...all the best with the derm visit..

i wonder how life wud be without acne..Anyways thank God for acne.really.)

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It could be the weather. I've heard people's skin can change when they travel. Maybe it'll start to clear when you get back to your home country. If not, I'd try changing your diet before spending money on medications. To each his own though.

What worked for me was cutting out

-refined sugar


-milk (replaced it with soy, though some say soy is bad, but I just have it with cereal so its ok for me)

-peanut butter (because I heard you shouldn't have anything with hydrogenated oils in it)

And eating

-whole wheat rye bread


-apples (3 or 4 a day really helps the skin I find)


Ideally, salads that contained cucumber and broccolli would help too, but I'm not big on preparation.

My acne was a bit severe so it took me about 2 or 3 months before seeing a real difference.

But it's worth it, I think. I tried a lot of medications from dermatologists before and they didn't help me. I went on Accutane for 6 months and it came with a long sheet telling me to change my diet anyway, so I figured, once it came back after I finished the treatment, I should just go back to a healthy diet. And for me it worked.

Hope this helps you out in some way.

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Oh, oops-I should say I also ate chicken and beef, and drank 100% juices. Don't starve yourself only on veggies apples and coleslaw lol

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Don't feel bad about being tall, i have a fetish for tall people. Haha not in a bad way though. I think tall people are pretty dang awesome since i'm a mere 5feet5inches. Crap aside, don't shy away because of your height, it's not something you should be ashamed of. I know this is cliche and not the best advice but really, pull yourself up and don't care about what people think. You live for yourself kay? When you walk on the streets, the people whom you think are looking at your acne will not even remember you, so why care so much on what they think? Your friends and family don't care if you have acne, that's not why they like you. Embrace life, don't let acne get in the way. Or at least, more realistically, make the best out of it. (:

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