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You can try threading or plucking or just not worry about being furry while on Accutane.

Moved to accutane posts.

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So ladies.. what do you do about bikini waxes? I'm not sure what to do for the summer. Shaving is out of the question, waxing is not an option on accutane.. so what has everyone else been doing?

Options: Threading, shaving, laser hair removal, and/or chemical depilatories.

P.s. I just graduated from beauty school, and started waxing my own bikini area, once a month. OUCH!

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well i have plucked before, but it kills like a mother hubberd! imac or veet is what i use now, it doesnt last that long (a week) but is painless!!!and is cheap to buy. xx

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idk why but I feel like this is really embarrassing..

but.. i'll admit this.

I've gotten a bikini wax :X

and it was SO painful!

my friend begged me for months to go with her (lol we didn't get them at the same time or anything..ew)

and so i was like what the heck (i guess she wanted someone else to be in pain with her??)

pain, gross, and uncomfortable.. idk it's just weird.

I guess if you did it yourself it would be less weird.. but still any type of wax makes me cringe now :shifty:

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