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Hi I have suffered from acne since I was 15/16 years old and yes over time it has got better but has not stayed away, I am now 21.

I had a dermatology appointment last week and have been prescribed roaccutane (Im from the UK). At the time of the appointment I had clear skin on my face however I did have a few pimples and quite a few red dots on my chest.

I mainly suffer from low numbers of spots but when I get them they are really really painful, the under the skin ones that dont form a head.

The derm was a bit confused about what to do but somehow I ended up leaving the appointment with a leaflet on what I need to do next to get Roaccutane e.g. blood tests etc.

Since the appointment I have had no further spots on my face and Im starting to consider whether this whole Roaccutane journey will be worth it for my condition however I know if I dont see it through now and I carry on getting break out's then I will regret it. I know in myself that I get consumed by even a couple of spots due to the years of torture I have been through with acne.

Should I just see the course through as it will hopefully clear me of blackheads, which I suffer from a lot!? Also the derm seemed to think that it will help clear up the little red pimples on my chest.

I also just wanted to know - my skin seems to react to anything I put on it e.g. moisturisers cause spots and even putting vaseline on my lips causes spots around my mouth. Does Roaccutane help to prevent this sort of thing from happening by making pores smaller or will it make my skin less reactive to these sorts of products?

Thanks in advance!

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