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Gentle Cleanser, Thermal Water, Jojoba Oil, AHA+BHA

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I've been breaking out a lot on my chin lately, which is most likely cosmetic-related (I let a friend do my makeup and she used a cream foundation - big mistake) as well as hormonal. Although my skin has improved since then, it took a real hit to my self-esteem and caused me to rethink my regimen and to basically alter it. My oral meds stay the same (Doxyxycline, Diane-35, Zinc), it's just the topical products I wanted to tweak.

My old regimen was:

Cleanse: Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Moisturise: Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

Medicate: Benzac 2.5%

After being on this regimen for many months, I didn't feel as though these products were giving me the result I desired anymore. In fact, my skin seemed to be getting worse with every application of Benzac. It merely dried out my skin and did essentially did nothing for the pustules and papules. I tried counteracting the drying effect by applying the moisturising cream, although this only seemed to encourage more breakouts due to its oil content.

Today I went to the chemist and bought an Avene Cleanance Oily Skin/Acne Kit. It contains a Gentle Soapless Cleanser, Thermal Water Spray and an AHA+BHA Emulsion. I used them tonight and so far so good. The cleanser removed excess sebum without leaving my skin tight or irritated. The cleansing action was a lot more effective than the Cetaphil in my opinion. I then sprayed the Thermal Water and let it dry before applying the Emulsion. It contains contains 6% Glycolic Acid, 2% Lactic Acid and 0.1% Salicylic Acid. I'm doubt this is gentle enough to use daily in the beginning of this regimen, but I guess that will involve some trial and error. I only applied a small amount anyway, most of it to blemished areas such as comedones on my nose and the fading blemishes on my chin. The jojoba oil I ordered is yet to arrive in the mail which is what I use to combat flakiness and as a night moisturiser.

I have also altered my eating - eliminating processed food and other known dietary irritants that can exacerbate acne.

I will update my progress in a few days. If anyone has ever used Avene products before, how did you fare with them?

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No new breakouts :) Old blemishes on chin have flattened although they're still quite red.

My skin feels like a baby's ass after I cleanse with the Soapless Gel. It has the right amount of Lactic and Benzoic Acid in it to exfoliate without irritating. A pea sized amount of the stuff goes a long way. With all of my previous cleansers I felt the need to dispense heaps in order to get the clean feel I wanted, but with this new product it's not the case which may end up a real money saver for me.

Last night I applied the Cleanance K all over my face after showering and then sprayed Thermal Water over it after letting it dry. This seems to stop the product from balling up whenever I touch my face. Applying it only once a day seems to be enough. I also applied a little bit of BP to my chin where the old blemishes are. I haven't needed to moisturise at night yet (which is odd because BP usually makes me flake like hell). Maybe the Cleanance K provides some sort of barrier. I'll start using Jojoba Oil at night once it arrives in the mail.

I've been trying to find a product that might lighten the pigmentation scars that resulted from getting cystic acne. Maybe only dermal therapy will do anything, but I can't afford it right now. Anyway, I'll do some looking around...

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Used a cream/stick foundation today in Makeup Class (I'm currently studying Beauty Therapy). I believe this product is part of what caused me to break out in pustules and papules all over my chin a few weeks ago.

I fared a lot better with it today, so far it hasn't caused any blemishes yet - (last time I saw a pustule appear almost instantly). I came home, washed my face with Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser and then applied a 60-second heated Green Tea mask.

So far, still clear.

I'll let you know if I begin to see any nasties.

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Yes, I use avene products. Especifically, Avene Clean-AC which is a moisturizer with jojoba seed oil and no SA, and for the jaw sides (just the sides) I use Avene Cleanance (bha+aha). Works very well, both. I use BHA (SA) in the toner (day) and cleanser in the night, but little by little I do not apply much stuff so my skin got accostume and learn to deal with the problem by itself. The rest of my face I only apply a moisturizer (garnier) with Tea Tree Oil (night), and for some difficult areas a little bit of BP 2,5% (day+moisturizer Avene). So as you can see, I put my effort in the chin/jaw areas, the rest just moisturizer with some bacteria killer.

For the chin I use Azelaic Acid, and seems to be ok. I also take propolis to improve my immune system (this is just testing).

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Oh yeah? How long have you been using Cleanance for?

I can't seem to find Clean-AC or any other line for acne in the Avene range over here apart from Cleanance, so I'll buy some off eBay and try it out. :)

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Two very small blemishes have emerged, one on my eyebrow and one on my cheek. They're so small that they don't even bother me. I honesty thought I'd have more. Lucky.
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I'm very happy with clean-ac maily because it fits my skin, you just use the right amount, it does not contain SA (I try to avoid to much SA) and contain jojoba seed oil. I certainly recommend that. Here in my country you find the whole range of avene products. I've been using it like four months.

Another advice is to use Effaclar AI in those small blemishes.

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