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Why prescribe us with Antibiotics ?

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I recently went to the Doctors because, having had a fairly mild and under control form of acne for years, my skin suddenly inflammed becoming very red with isolated outbreaks of the larger and more painful spots that really get you down. My confidence sunk. I really couldn't look at anyone in the eye as I didn't want them to see the redness and the spots.

Anyway, the doctor put me on Doxycycline to treat the infection. I thought i'd do my research and, to my horror, I have discovered that these antibotics are just a quick fix at best. And it's likely that after I finish my course of Doxy the skin troubles will resurface. So my question is why do docs and derms put us on antibiotics ? It's likely that any confidence you gain from the improvement could be completely removed and you'll be back to square one again.

I have been on Doxy for about 6 days now and beginning to see a reduction in redness and development of new spots. But I dread the day that I have to come off these and watch helplessly as my skin worsens and my self-esteem lowers.

Any positive post-doxy experiences from any of you will be much appreciated. And, if the return of acne and redness is unavoidable without additional action, ways to prepare and prevent the return of these skin troubles come the end of the antibiotic course are very welcome too.

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Yeah some people are lucky and the pills are all they have to take, but normally thats not the case.

You just have to be prepared with something once off Doxy.. idk what, just talk to your derm about it. If you're using a topical he/she will prob keep you on that after the antibiotic has taken it's whole course. I really think things like Doxy, Sodynm, and Minocycline are good for people to use.. but theres too many people that thought once their skin was cleared it was clear for good.. but you have to keep at it until you can slowly take yourself off any treatment. So, don't throw away everything your derm told you once you get clear

Although there are those slight chances that you will break out again, but I'm sure it won't be worse or as bad as it is now.

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From what I have read, you can try to halve the dosage (take one every two days, rather than one every day) towards the end of your course. But i'm not sure how successful that is at preventing a return of acne.

I've also read some recommendations for switching to probiotics. Although i'm not overly sure what these are and which specific products are best to use ?

Thanks for the reply mslily. I certainly feel lifted by that. :)

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I work with 4 dermatologist- and they prefer for their patients to ween off the pills and give them specific instruction on how to do it- when the Doc says it's time. Dropping off the meds for your skin can be like dropping off a cliff! acne can come back then , and for some it can be worse. Talk to your Derm about how you should ween off the Doxy when the time comes at your next appointment. IF that doesn't work in the long run for you, understand that some individuals- like the above poster said, can need a few rounds of anibiotics here and there. All sorts of things can affect our skin, at that point you may want to check out if it is not hormonally related or it may be a problem with your sebaceous glands- in that case accutane may help keep you clear by shrinking the glands, or some IPL/RF treatments like ELos can help.

(I am acne prone- I will always consider myself to be acne prone. Even thoug I have pretty clear skin after 10+ years of cystic/pustular acne.) I will always be aware of what I am putting on my skin and in my body. I keep a close eye on my hormones- I found out I have hightened levels of testosterone, so I take Yaz. I only use the best makeup, keep up on facial treatments and keep my skin cleansed, exfoliated and balanced. I know that some people are gifted with perfect skin, and I just have to work a little harder to achieve that skin. Talking to your derm about maintaining your skin will have its benefits- so ask them. keep in mind that just because its gone for a while does't mean at some point you won't have to do some sort of treatment for maintaining.

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how my derm explained it to me, is that antibiotics are initially used to get your active acne completely under control, then it is hoped that it can be weened off and can be handled with a topical, but I have yet to read an ideal situation on the boards like this.

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Because there is no solution for acne now days. With accutane happens the same. So what the doctor is doing is to battle infection in order not to worsen the case and not to get scars. That is the reason people here follow a regimen, so we don't have to use antibiotics or accutane.

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Because there is no solution for acne now days. With accutane happens the same. So what the doctor is doing is to battle infection in order not to worsen the case and not to get scars. That is the reason people here follow a regimen, so we don't have to use antibiotics or accutane.

I agree, but I was initially able to control my acne with the regimen, but about a year after using it when my acne was more persistent with deeper and deeper symptoms I was forced to go to the derm to seek a prescription treatment.

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Yes, this is EXACTLY what I have been wondering. I asked my doctor, and he said that 'we hope your body will have undergone changes while the antibiotic course is being run' (meaning naturally, on its own, not from the antibiotics themselves). However, I've had acne for the past two years and not once has it had any sign of reducing itself in severity, so I doubt the next 3 months is going to make a difference. :rolleyes:


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i was on doxy for 6 months on and off. my doc didnt monitor me and back then i didnt even really know what an anti biotic was...

so foolishly took them when and where i fancied...

in hind site that was bad, very bad.

i stopped taking it because it gave me nodular acne in places i didnt normally get it. it go so bad i thought id just stop topicals and tablets, whats the use.

anyway when i truly stopped them what was to follow was bad. weeks of huge spots in a few days. painful time of my life.

thats when i joined here in search of a different solution. im still looking, still trying new things.

come a long long way since back then. but now suffer from clogged pores. which someone else does ironically who was on doxy for a year. like hard sebum type substance.

anyway, when i was on doxy it worked great for a long time my face was clear to the point i forgot why i was taking the tablet... was only till i skipped doses, continued to take it un supervised and randomly was when i got problems.

been a year since i took anti biotics untill last week when i got a jaw infection from a tooth,..

now going to do a month of pro biotics to kick the bacteria back into my body

I truly beleive that once you fully understand your own personal acne situation,l you can truly begin to heal it as best as you can.

there is no miricle cure, accutane isnt even a guarantee

its tough especially when friends are clear around you.

i know im screwed cause both my sisters suffer with it. and im only 22.

not sure what i can honestly do now. trying differin and seeing how i get on.

id rather just not get spots full stop, accutane is always an option but side effects i dont think i could risk

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I understand but here is the deal. Your immune system sucks some times so if you could control you acne and now you can't, take antibiotics for three months then follow your regimen but avoid, I mean avoid, avoid avoid avoid your acne to spread. If you take antibiotics the right way, it will always help you on those break out moments (you can´t take antibiotics one week, you take it until you are clear then stop, tipically two to three months). Then you follow a regimen and improve that regimen using other stuff to surprise bacteria, to keep your acne areas clean, etc.

If you do that, you will find your way to control your acne.

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