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Oily forehead: need advice!

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Hi everyone,

I am seeking some advice on how I might treat oily skin on my forehead.

I had quite bad acne as a teenager and took a range of medications, including Accutane (Roaccutane). The latter worked very well and my acne disappeared for some years.

I am now 30 and over the last twoyears my acne has reappeared. It is not nearly as severe as when I was a teenager, but still noticeable and distressing to me.

Particularly distressing is oily skin on my forehead and nose - which isn't always accompanied by pimples but is shiny and unsightly. I also have mild acne around my mouth.

I have seen a dermatologist who has given me Clindamycin gel and Epiduo gel, neither of which has had much impact.

I am thinking Roaccutane is the only way to stem the oil 'from within' - unlike a topical treatment. However, my dermatologist is unconvinced I need Roaccutane and, I feel, dismissive of what I am experiencing. I feel frustrated as I know Roaccutane worked in the past and would like to use it again.

Does anyone have any experience of oily skin/mild acne following Roaccutane use, and any advice on how I might treat it? Is Roaccutane the only solution?


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