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Vegetarian, dairy-free, unprocessed.

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After a bad last two weeks in which I broke out in many papules and pustules on my chin, I have decided to begin watching what I eat in conjunction with a new regimen (as well sticking to my medication: Doxycycline and Diane-35).

Having relatively clear skin for the last 6 months or so, when I recently began seeing more blemishes than usual it really took a hit to my self-esteem. I realise now I really took having clear skin for granted and decided to begin taking care of my body from the inside out, not just relying upon medications and topical treatments.

I haven't always had clear skin, btw. I suffered from cystic acne about a year ago which (cleared up nicely thanks to Bactrim) as well as the usual teenage acne from 12.

First to go from my usual food intake is white carbs: noodles, white bread, crackers, white rice etc. After all, they really possess no real nutritional benefits nor are they at all filling. That and sugar, which includes candy, baked goods, dried fruit, and anything that does not contain sugar naturally.

I never ate much dairy anyway, apart from cheese. That too has to go. Oh, and I'm vegetarian.

Pretty much everything I will allow myself to eat is:

Grainy bread

Natural cereals

Fruit (low g.i ones)

Vegetables (no potatoes)

Nuts, seeds


I only really drink green tea and lots of water, so I am sticking to that also.

Does anyone know of any other food to be wary of?

I know iodine is a known aggressor to acne, but I don't really eat much containing that anyway that I know of.

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Day numero due.

So far I've been sticking to my diet plan, snacking on wholegrain bread w/ vegemite, almonds, pears, apples, chickpeas. Redness has subsided somewhat, although blemishes are still quite visible. No new breakouts however, which is lovely.

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My skin's beginning to look a lot healthier, with still no new breakouts.

It feels as though the sebum level has reduced dramatically, but whether that is due to this new diet or my new regimen I'm yet to figure out. Most likely it's a conjunction.

I have also lost a bit of weight over these past 5 days - about 2+ kilograms which is a lot on my frame. I'm also wondering if the calorie reduction that naturally comes from watching what you eat has much to do with my new-found clear skin?

I'm currently vegan, eating muesli or Burgen Soy-Lin bread with Vegemite for breakfast, followed by some nuts and fruit at lunch and vegetables for dinner. I don't feel the need to eat anything more than that, I'm always satisfied after eating a meal but I do remind myself to have a small snack between meals to keep me going.

I'm drinking approx. 4 liters a day at most which does sound a bit excessive but I find it difficult to drink anything less than 3 because I'm often thirsty and feel strange if I'm not drinking something or carrying around a big bottle of water.

I used a cream based foundation today in makeup class. Although I initially wanted to scratch it off immediately after applying I then left it on for the afternoon, came home and made sure to remove it thoroughly with Avene Soapless Cleanser. I then put on a 60-second Green Tea Heated Mask. So far no breakouts.

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Wow, around 3-4 liters per day? I find it difficult to drink 2 liters XD. I would usually drink 3-4 glasses of water, but after I started drinking more, I feel a bigger need of drinking (and my skin looks better, too!).

I'm not a vegetarian, but I also eat white bread, even though I KNOW it isn't heathly :/. But it tastes so good!

And it's not so good that you're loosing weight :/. Well, if you wanted to loose weight, it's good, but if that wasn't planned, not so good xP. I've heard that nuts should be good for keeping the weight or something. Sorry, I don't really have any experience about that.

But you should try white tea :D. It's also very heathly (and I think it tastes better then green tea).

Good luck!

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I LOVE white tea! I'd buy it more often if it wasn't so pricey. I love all herbal teas really, but I've been drinking green for years now and it's just force of habit.

I didn't endeavor out to lose any weight in the beginning, although I don't really mind as long as I don't lose too much.

Weight loss is just an added bonus, I guess.

It is hard supplementing everything that I used to eat with something healthy, so much that I sometimes decide not to eat anything at all. I don't really like that aspect, and I'll do what you said about eating more nuts and such.

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I think I'm going to join you on this one!

Except.. I think I will eat some meats... My doctor told me if I don't eat more meat I'll be anemic very soon, so I can't skimp out on the meats!

But I'll only have white meats. Beef is baaaaaddd for the skin...

Good luck good luck :)

Hope I can stick to this..

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Today I decided to start a similar lifestyle diet.

My sister has severe eczema and after she started a gluten-free, acid/alkaline, dairy-free diet.. her eczema went away in just three weeks!

Researching both our skin conditions (I have mild acne) I realized that they are both due to inflammation and so I have decided to start my own similar personalized diet.


Vegetarian (I already have been for 6 months)


no sweets/fried food

I'm going to keep checking up on your progress! hope this works for us both!!

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I ate some candy and junk food yesterday.

And broke out on my chin today.


I think not.

I also crashed on the couch last night and was too tired to shower and wash my makeup off, which is undoubtedly another factor.

I need to stop slacking off.

Oh and thanks guys for joining me in similar diets. It's great motivation for me to keep at it if others are too. :)

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Careful on the water intake, 4 L is quite a bit, and will likely flush out whatever vitamins your taking before they can be absorbed. :boohoo:

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