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Is Oil of Olay "Classic" formula available?

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I looked for it the other day, and the only one that I was able to find that had zinc oxide instead of avobenzone was Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin, SPF 30. I didn't see any marked 'Classic', and I looked at two different stores.

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I have been looking EVERYWHERE and have not found it.

So, on Friday I gave up and bought a sunscreen at Trader Joe's. It's called "Enrich". It has the same active ingredients of our old beloved Olay. I tried another Olay knock-off before, and that made me break out. But it smelled, and this stuff doesn't, plus it's Trader Joe's and I love them, so I'm hoping for the best here. I couldn't wait around for the Olay any longer... they're taking too long! It's already summer where I live!

I will let you all know if the trader joe's stuff if any good. I figured I'd give it a few weeks, and if no breakouts, I would email Dan about it and see if he can also try it out for the rest of us and see if he likes it.

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I just received this email from one of our members who contacted Olay about it. Here's Olay's reply.

"Olay will re-launch the original version of Olay Complete All Day Sensitive SPF 15 Sensitive Cream and Lotion. Unfortunately, this formula change was pushed back and will begin to ship late May/June 2010. This will be a soft conversion which means the Skin Shield Version and Classic Gentle Formula may both be on store shelves for a period of time. The Classic Gentle Formula will have a green oval in the upper left corner that will say â?oClassic Gentle Formulaâ?."

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I've been using the Wal-mart brand, I think it's called equate, and it works well for me. I would like to switch over to this once it comes out since it's what Dan recommends. If anyone finds it let us know!

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I went to target and looked in the Olay skin care section to see if target made one like it. I didnt' want to buy Olay since they test on animals.

Target makes a knock off (Up & Up is their brand) and their version contains zinc oxide :) UV complete all day SPF 15 for sensitive skin. white bottle, green writing & cap.

it's cheap. and is light and absorbs really nicely. pretty amazing find.

great quality, I was nervous to try a store brand but pleasantly surprised!

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