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My marks have faded remarkably over the span of 6 months with daily use of AHA+.

They were bright red before and you could spot them at a distance. Now they're a lighter shade of pink and can easily be concealed with foundation. Nevertheless, I would like to get rid of them completely and not have to depend on makeup to look 'normal.' Maybe just get away with a tinted moisturizer. At this time I'm not confident with only having a TM on my face. My marks are still visible when I wear minimal makeup. Not that I cake mine on, but my marks are less noticeable when I'm wearing foundation. So I've been thinking of using evoo and adding a few drops into my aha+ and applying it as my nighttime moisturizer. I'm not sure how comedogenic or not it is, but some people have had fair success with evoo fading their pihs. I know everyone's skin react differently to certain treatments and what may work for one may not work for another. But after reading the glowing reviews on makeupalley, I'm excited to give this one a try. Also, I want to find another alternative to jojoba oil because my supply is running low. The cost of it can add up in the long run, and a cheaper alternative would be better for my wallet. I don't have to pay for shipping as evoo is widely available and can be bought at most places. And it comes in a big container which would last me for a long time.

Has anyone reap any benefits from it? If so, how did you use it?

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Thanks for the link :) I read all the posts, but I'm still wondering what exactly is in evoo that help treat pihs? Is it the high vitamin e content?

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