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Tetralysal 300 & Differin

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I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago, after waiting for like three months on a waiting list, to be prescribed Roaccutane. My GP told me that this would be the best course of action as I have already been on three different antibiotics and three different topical treatments...without any success! Anyway I got to the dermatologist and she explained Roaccutane, gave me brochures, thing for a blood test, but then said that she wasn't going to give me it just yet. Instead, she prescribed Tetralysal 300 (Lymecycline) and differin and told me that if that didn't work she would give be Roaccutane. I found this soooo frustrating, as I could have of been prescribed this my GP...without the three month wait! I explained that after being on three consecutive courses of antibiotics my stomach was in agony and wasn't really sure another antibiotic would do me any good, but she insisted it would be fine. Low and behold, two weeks later my stomach is in agony! I know that the antibiotics can take nearly three months before any improvement can be seen, but I seriously dont know if I can put up with the stomach pain... with no guaranteed results. Now I know that Roaccutane wont give me guaranteed result, but its a fact that it has a better long term success rate than this. I am thinking of going private for the dermatologist, as my spots are still sore and still regularly bleed. It just really puts me down! :boohoo:

I just really wanted to hear about everyone else's experience on Tetralysal or Differin.

P.s. Sorry about the rant, but just needed to get it off my chest :P

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