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Alright guys, let me start by giving you a little info of my previous treatments...

I started early in 2001 with Dan's regimen, after 2 years, couldn't take the 30 mins in the morning and the 30 min's at night, plus my skin never adapted and it was constantly flaky. Although it did a good job at keeping me clear, my acne started spreading from my chin into my untouched forehead and cheeks... I literally couldn't do this regimen on my whole face so I switched to a clearasil dual action moisturizer on all my face... Figured it combined both only in salicylic instead of bp... it was good for the first weeks, but it ended up screwing me over within a month, worst move I've ever made... Last summer I discovered Acne Cure, it started as the best thing ever, within 3 months I started breaking out again, not sure if it was because I started school again or because it just stopped working, soon after I discovered Botchla's regimen which I used for around 6 months until 1 week ago... It was great, required little time and I didn't need anything on my skin all day since it was a facewash. However, it only kept me around 80% clear and wasn't really stopping the every 2 weeks 5 day breakout (my aprox timing for breakouts). Finally 1 week ago, looking around in walmart I saw this white box called AcneFree which is a cheaper in price $18 copy of proactiv. I had never tried proactiv before mainly because of the $40 price tag and because of the little results it had given 2 the people in this forum. AcneFree claims to be different because it contains a 24/7 time released benzoyl peroxide based repair lotion... I really didn't believe it and thought of it as advertisement... I called my cousin because he had used proactiv b4 to ask him about it & he actually had used AcneFree too... he said they were both good and worked for him... He's currently on some prescription med that has him 100% clear... anyway, he persuaded me to buy it... and 1 week after I couldn't be anymore thankful and happier with him and with the results. I'm not sure if it's exactly like proactiv, if it's the 24/7 time released reapairing lotion, or if it was just made for me but this thing has worked wonders & miracles like no other... I know it's only been a week but it just works so well... It has kind of the same principle of botchla's regimen.. but this is mainly bp... First, you wash with bp, then tone with some nice alcohol type liquid and then apply the 24/7 time released bp.. everything is done immediately morning and night, it only takes about 5 mins to do the whole thing.. very simpe... One of the things that really has me hyped up about this product, is the fact that for the first time I find a treatment that doesn't require me to use moisturizer... it leaves my skin smooth 2 the touch and you could barely feel the dryness.. I feel like every day it becomes smoother and actually helps heal it in that way... because clear dry skin doesn't cut it... the last and final reason why I believe this is the 1 is because for the first time a treatment really works on the little bumps on my forehead that although almost invisible, never seemed to fade. & The very last and best reason is that it controls the oil in my forehead and all over the face... even 12 hours after applying it my face doesn't get oily.... it's just perfect.... I really think this is the one to get me 100% clear... not to mention it has done miracles with my previous acne in just one week with only signs of improvement every single day.... PLUS it has a $5 rebate (hope I get it back) these have never worked for me from any company, let's try this one.... sorry for writing such a long post, but that's so you get a good impression of how strong I feel about this product and to limit the probable individual questions that will follow wink.gif

Thanks 2 all for the taking the time 2 read this:

If what you're using is working for you, then continue using it... however, if you still feel you can do better with another treatment, please don't hesitate about using this one... Good luck, thanks to all, thanks to the makers of proactiv, and thanks to the makers of this product (university something) I believed they're called.

SHORT: for lazy people the product is called AcneFree, bought it at walmart for $18 and has worked wonders for me so far biggrin.gif

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