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Strange Red Spots on Face? Help!

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So in the past two weeks I've gotten two strange red spots on my face. They're fairly wide in diameter (about 1/2 the size of a dime), are very slightly inflamed, and aren't sore or tender at all. They never come to a head, they aren't firm and I don't feel a solid bump underneath. I worry that they'll develop into a large pustule or cyst, but they tend to disappear after a week. Any idea as to what these are?

Thanks in advance for the responses!

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This was happening to me as well. I asked the derm and he said they are cysts, they're just not as horrendous as the cysts that hurt and take forever to go away.

Maybe you're experiencing the same thing.

Do you get cysts on occassion or never? Bc it would be weird if you're getting these, but never get the real painful ones.

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I get cysts/nodules pretty rarely. I've gotten two in the past two years.

Either way, this problem seems to have gone down since the time I posted this. Turns out I was killing my face with products that were too irritating for my skin. I gave up on everything about a month and a half ago and started rinsing my face with lukewarm water in the shower every morning. I've stopped getting papules and pustules and only seem to get clogged pores around the chin these days.

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