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acne forever?

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you see ive got mild acne and lthough it isnt that bad it is noticable especially when people say what happened to your face is that naturaaaaal or did something happen? pfft

so you see i was just wodering do we have to deal with acne for the rest of our lives and i dont just mean full blown acne but even mild moderate acne?

im the only one around me whos got acne no friends or family have to deal with it pfftt i need a miracleee. anyone else feel like that?

just wondering

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acne and forever should never ever be used in the same sentence. that scares me

age plays a big role. im hoping i will be clear as of 23 this year... thats when my dad cleared up and granddad etc. so fingers crossed.

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I think the best is to treat acne from the first time. It should be taught at school about how to deal with the first whiteheads and little pimples. This site is very helpful on that.

I had very mild acne, if I could have treat well the illnes, I would not be here. I think acne is not totally genetic, only the bad cases of acne are genetics. But the rest is just strees in youth that low your defenses and also hormones. If we train our body to response strongly with the bacteria, we will not be there.

But that is the ways it is. This is a world of bacteria and viruses. Why today acne is increasing? why people in the past just cure themselves in time. Something is wrong here. I have a theory that if you ocupy your mind and body in other things like acnes, you will heal by yourself. meaning, your body will contain acnes proliferation.

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