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I know, you've heard it all the time, but this mask is seriously amazing.

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As you guys obviously know it won't work for everyone... But the ingredients are all stuff you probably have around the house, except ACV which is like $3.

I have super sensitive skin but this mask worked fine for me. I used it last night (mask only, didn't bother with the toner), and this morning my pimples were literally 2/3 smaller.

Try it, guys!! And if you do let me know how it goes!

I've tried SO many homemade recipes - egg mask, honey mask, aspirin mask, yogurt & turmeric mask, etc. All of those did absolutely nothing for me, but this worked wonders.

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Heya. =3 This is probably a little late but I was doing some searching on the message boards to see whether anyone else has tried bubbi's acne mask and yeah. =)

Personally, I have to say that bubbi is a genius for suggesting this scrub-mask and toner. At one point, I used it religiously bi-weekly and in about a month, breakouts were all a bad dream for me. (though, I got a little lazy and a few months later, my face erupted xD) So yes, I've just made it again and scrubbed my face and it is amazing. While I was washing my face prior to the mask, I could feel the little baby zits here and there all over my face but once I was done, those baby zits were gone instantly.

I was really happy and I hope that, after another month of her mask, I'll be able to get my clear skin back. =3

Much thanks to you for making a thread of bubbi's genius-ness. xD It does certainly work.

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My skin is at the point where it is doing well, but could use a little boost. I am going to try this! Thanks for bringing it to light. I thought I knew every single mask/toner thang out there.

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Why do I love her voice?

I've used variations on this toner for a long time (see sig).

I think Barnabas basically wrote the book on this back in 2007.


I don't add the oils because I've never understood how ppl emulsify them long enough to use it.. without polysorbate or some other surfactant.

The chamomile tea and the aspirin are both great additions :)

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Wait, youtube isn't working for me right now. Is this the one with compressed face masks, cucumber and stuff?

Oh wait I thought that might have been secretlifeofabionerd.

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10itemsorless >> I highly recommend doing whatever she tells you to do. xD I don't really know whether it was the scrub alone or the toner, but I used it religiously at one point (the scrub twice a week, evenly spaced and the toner twice a day after I wash my face) and my face began to clear up really well. ^-^ Also, I added a bit of lemon juice to the toner to lighten my scars. <3

HildeM >> She tells us how much stuff to put in. It might no be super duper accurate like 100ml of this or whatever, but she gives the basic ratios of each stuff.

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