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Do You Close your Acne.org 16oz Treatment Bottle?

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Just wondering if ya'll keep your 16oz Acne.org BP bottle open between regimen applications or do you close it up?

Personally I haven't yet decided what I'm gonna do but I figure keepin it wide open for 12 hours at a time might dry things up a bit in there.

Remember: "It's the little things that kill" - Bush

Let's figure this out! Looking forward to what you guys have to say.

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When you say 'close', do you mean, like, twist the pump into the 'locked' position?

I never lock my pump unless I'm traveling, because I don't want it to get pushed down accidentally and pump BP all over whatever else I'm bringing with me. If it's just sitting in my bathroom, I just leave it unlocked.

Actually, I never even thought about locking it between uses. I don't think it really seals it off, anyway. The hole/tubing is still "open", it's just that there's, like, a little plastic nub that prevents the pump from being depressed.

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Yes, I meant twist the pump into the locked position. I never actually do this on a day to day basis but it occurred to me as a possibility that some people might do this. Now that you mention it, I bet the hole/tubing is still open even if you twist it shut.

I am now realizing that this topic probably ABSOLUTELY DOESN'T MATTER. I think just doing this regimen for a month now has made me more 'anal' in general and gosh even the littlest thing like twisting the bottle closed is starting to enter my brain (and Y'ALL KNOW about the issue of which way to twist it).

Gosh I'm even totally embarrassed that this is my first topic. Part of me wants to just sign up for a new user name and start fresh! Anyways hi everyone! I guess feel free to add any thoughts you have about twisting closed your BP bottle. Peace!

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Epic first post!! :hifive: That is quite an interesting question. I never tiwst/lock the pump closed and I've never had any problems. Thanks for posting and getting involved in discussion! Hope to hear more from you. Good luck!

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I usually like to twist the pump closed when I'm done using it. I'm pretty sure you don't generally need to though; I don't think leaving it in the unlocked position exposes the contents of the bottle to open air. I would definitely twist it closed though when traveling like c'est said, otherwise you could end up with a mess in your bag ;)

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closing wouldn't matter unless you shoved a syringe and pump air up the opening. In a regular bathroom environment, resistance would allow minimal change to the formula in such a small and pressurized opening.

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