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Well, now that I've cleared up my acne for the most part I'm noticing other things wrong with my face. :|

Basically it all started back in middle school, I had a pretty severe zit (or maybe even a cyst?) on the side of my nose. I squeezed it to pop it, it looked pretty bad. Basically over time it has formed what looks to me like a scar. It's basically just a raised bump on my nose, no color difference for the most part, if anything maybe a tad bit lighter than the rest of my skin. It's just a larger bump.

Now I'm 25 now so it's hard to remember all the details, however I am fairly certain this was caused by the zit/pimple/cyst whatever you want to call it that I had in that spot. Like I said it never bothered me before because I had acne problems, however now that I've cleared up it's the only thing that really stands out to me.

Now I know it's nearly impossible for you guys to help without a picture, however right now I am without a camera. The best way for me to explain it is a raised scar/bump on the side of my nose. It makes me feel like I have a boil on my nose like a witch or something. :redface:

I'm just wondering what the treatments for this thing could be. Being a single spot, I'm hoping that it's a lot easier to treat. I don't want anything severe like burning or cutting it off, I'd rather just leave it alone than do something as severe as that.

Are there any topicals I can put on it to help break it down, do topicals not work on scars such as these? I've even read some stuff about needling to help it flatten out a bit, I've not done enough reading on that yet though.

If this needs to be moved to another section please do, however like I said I am really unsure of which type of scar it is.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance !


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Something like these?

Image removed

My derm. told me I could have a plastic surgeon remove the excess skin and flatten them out, but eh.

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I Don't think it's the same thing. I actually found an image from about a year ago, the quality is horrible though, I mean you can't really see it other than there's just a bump there.


It's just a single bump there, appears to have been broken skin that healed as a bump, the only way I can explain it.

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