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Confused please help!

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Bare with me this is so confusing!

Basically i've never ordered off the site before and i was adding things into my basket to see price of postage totals in dollars to £ etc,

Ididn't realsie the site stores your order when you get to the end point so i ended up with two orders the same price same items, I paid for the one it said thank you for your order and a invoice popped up with the ending digits of 88.

On the account hisrtoy in the store it says i haven't paid for the order ending in 88 i paid for the one ending in 90, but the invoice after using and paying with paypal said i paid for the 88 order? i'm so confused. will i still get my items?

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Use the Contact Us page to write to danielkern.com and explain the situation as soon as you can. You might be able to get is straightened out before the order is processed. They're really helpful people, but just try to do it soon.

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Thank you kindly c'est for replying and giving me that e-mail address :)

It was really late last night where I was, but I just had one of those moments I knew its time to start on Dan's amazing regimen give it a try and really stick too it.

I didn't realsie the site saves orders, then you can go and pay, thats why there were 2, One i'd previously done to see shipping costs and it'd stored it asking for payment.

Then the 2nd order where i'd paid and it was processed :wub:

Silly me! I'm rubbish with ordering things i'm ever so sorry! I paniced and thought i'd done something wrong and my order wouldnt work :doh:

But it's all fine the number on the store paid for matches my paypal :) i'll keep the other stored order there ready to pay for my next batch when I need it :D

Thank you again kindly c'est!

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You're welcome, and I'm glad things worked out. I bet you'll love the products. I use Dan's BP, and it's--no joke--my favorite skin care product of all time. : )

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