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Any alternatives to ALCAT ????

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I was thinking about taking an ALCAT test because it tests for over 200 foods.

But the test costs $1200 because you MUST purchase other non-needed tests such as environmental toxins, herbs, a mold panel, etc.

I'm a vegan, so I don't want to buy 50 tests of lamb, pork, salmon, deer meat, moose meat, etc. I just want the vegetables!!!

Isn't there a site that will allow me to just buy the food panel? Or a site that allows ME to pick the foods?

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Perfect! They have a vegetarian panel!!! Thank you.

Now I just need to know: If I tested negative on the Celiac Blood test administered at doctors' offices, would I test negative on the ALCAT test which also tests blood samples?

I submitted a stool sample test and was found to be positive for gluten sensitivity. Since eliminating gluten, I have felt a lot better.

I need to call ALCAT and discuss this :think:

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I tested negative for Celiac's, but felt better when I eliminated gluten. Alcat (and others like it) test for an immunogloblulin response different from a true Allergy response and different from conditions like Celiac's.

Just to note, I feel better now that I have eliminated gluten (my joints and muscles ache less), but my skin did not get better at all when I eliminated gluten.

I've been on the diet for about one month, and I've on rare occasions had garlic and alcohol and both seem to cause flare-ups on my skin.

I think with respect to Alcat and cystic acne, there seem to be just one or two foods that trigger my cysts.

I hope that it is effective for you... I'm not 100% sure it will be for everyone who tries it, but after 20 years, I had tried just about every other remedy in existence.

Keep me posted!!!

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I am a test consultant for ALCAT, I will be more than happy to answer your questions about the test, and your expectations.

Please NOTE* the ALCAT Test is NOT an IgG or IgE test, it is an cellular response test. The difference between antibody testing and the ALCAT Test is the IgG/E tests are looking at your antibody levels trying to predict a reaction, the antibody levele are controlled by your exposure to the item being tested. no exposure no antibodies. dont eat the food for a week, no antibodies no reaction on the test.

The ALCAT Test is looking at the reaction as it occurs. You do not have to currently be eating the foods to get an accurate reaction. because we introduce your blood to the foods in the lab. The ALCAT Test is a simple blood test.

PLease feel free to conatct me directly if I can answer any questions for you. [email protected]


Joe Davis

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