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differin success stories pwease

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right, so i picked up the 0.1% CREAM differin

and tomorrow picking up duac!

would be really nice for those that this combination could post here positive things about the stuff to really give me some confidence, ive lost all faith in products and tablets. i feel hopeless at best.

anyway state which differin you used etc and what type of acne you have/had and how long it took to clear up etc..

thanks guys n gals

also side note, just been put on two anti biotics for a week for a mouth infection.. will i be best to get those out the way first before using diff duac etc or does it not matter?

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I'm on week 11 of Differin (sorry no Duac) and it is becoming a succes story :)

Just in a nutshell: my acne came back this year (i'm a 20 year old girl) after I stopped using Differin. I have mild to moderate acne, especially on my chin (very persistent there! whitheads, red painful pimples etc.) and some bumps and occasional whitehead or pimple on my forehead, nothing on my cheeks. At the moment I don't have any active acne: my forehead feels incredibly smooth since a couple of days, the left side of my chin has been clear for 2 weeks and is getting smoother and smoother, right side is healing from a couple of whiteheads and has some red marks.

I did have an initial breakout (of course exactly at its worst when I visited a friend in Italy, depressing), but don't give up! After 8 weeks I could really see my skin improve, so I'd say believe in the differin and be patient. The positive thing is that every morning your skin looks a bit better, so that's encouraging, and it works (at least for me). And: once you're clear, stick with it! I learned it the hard way...

Have no idea about the antibiotic thing. Is it topical or pills?

Anyway, GOOD LUCK!

PS: I'm from Belgium so sorry for any spelling/language mistakes :)

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Sorry, I forgot: I use Differin 0,1% gel. I've used the cream in the past as well and it doesn't really made a difference for me.

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thanks for that niamh

so your skin has cleared up and is now smooth ! awesome :D

do you moisturise after each application? do you apply it at night only? sounds like you apply it only to the areas you break out in? what happens when you put it on active spots?

what happened when you learnt the hard way not to stop it once clear?

sorry for all the questions, your english is fine! probably better than mine lol

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Wow sorry for my really late reaction but I didn't notice you replied!

I don't moisturise after I put the differin on at night because I don't feel I need it... my skin tolerates the differin really well so I only moisturise in the morning :) I apply a thin layer all over my T-zone now but I did start applying it everywhere, which wasn't a good idea because I broke out on my cheek which never happened before (like, 2 or 3 hurting cyst-like things) so I stopped doing that.

If you put it on active spots, it doesn't really make them disappear overnight. Differin is a long term product. When I stopped it my acne came back but what was really annoying is that I had much more red spots which lingered for a very long time since I have pale skin. When I was 16 I didn't notice it that much but a couple of months ago my foundation was my best friend (well it's still my best friend, hard to give it up!)

Hope I could help you :)

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