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Does this regimen help with blackheads?

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I looked in the blackheads section of the forum, but I'm still wondering this: Do I have to ignore my blackheads for now, and get my acne cleared up, or can I try to fix both my acne and my blackheads at the same time?

I tend to get deep acne lesions that take awhile to go away. And I have blackheads everywhere. My nose, my forehead, my chin, my cheeks, everywhere.

I plan to order the acne.org cleanser, BP, and moisturizer, is there something else I should order?

I need someone to lay out a good plan for me, what I should do for AM and PM, etc. My skin looks a lot better when I'm gentle with it, so I shy away from the standard response I get for blackheads, which is to use a bunch of harsh scrubs.

Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

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Q: Does benzoyl peroxide unclog pores?

A: Benzoyl peroxide is said to be comedolytic which means it breaks down clogged pores. However, there is no miracle product that I know of that can quickly get rid of a full fledged pimple once it has established itself on your skin. That said, benzoyl peroxide can clear up acne faster than would be possible without benzoyl peroxide and does a brilliant job at preventing future acne. For even better spot treatment results, alpha hydroxy acid can be administered. http://www.acne.org/faq.html#unclog

Once you have become fully used to the full amount of BP and have been clear of inflamed breakouts for at least a month, then you can add in a product like AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) as those help the skin shed more normally. Impaired skin shedding is one cause of clogged pores, thus acne.

I'm just going to copy and paste the next block of text from My Notepad as it's the most helpful for beginners to the Regimen:

Start here for the Regimen step-by-step directions.

Please be sure to read the What to expect page as that helps you see what's normal when you're starting out with the Regimen.

The Biggest Mistakes page will help you determine whether or not you should add that product or change up something with regards to the Regimen.

If you continue to have trouble, Having Trouble? will guide you through a series of questions that will help you pinpoint areas of concern with your use of the Regimen.

There's also a series of Frequently Asked Questions that address the most frequent questions that regularly come up.

Here's a helpful list on Finding Supplies. You can use Dan's products or find the needed gentle cleanser, 2.5% Benzoyl peroxide product, and a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer at a local drugstore.

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My advice would be to ignore the Blackhead problem for the time been and just focus on clearing your acne by following Dans regime precisely. Adding other variables is a bad idea at the start. Once your acne is clear you can consider options for treating blackheads.

In my experience BP does not help with blackheads directly, though you still may see improvement with them owing to the drying effects of BP.

Unfortunately blackheads can be very difficult to treat successfully - your absolutely right to avoid harsh scrubs if your acne prone. Once your clear one option is to consider salicylic acid, though this can be over irritating - from the FYQ:

: Can I use salicylic acid with the Regimen?

A: The jury is still out. The majority of medical books I scoured for acne medication information specifically warn against the combination of salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide, calling it "overly irritating". Several people on the Regimen have noted this. This warning is echoed when combining benzoyl peroxide with several other acne medications as well, resorcinol and sulfur to name two. Remember, irritation aggravates breakouts.

However, some Acne.org members have used salicylic acid with benzoyl peroxide successfully. If you want to try this, first use the Regimen without salicylic acid until you are completely clear. Then, feel free to add in one variable at a time such as the addition of salicylic acid.

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