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Mr President

Cant even eat junk food in my sleep :P

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I was sleeping a few mins ago and in my dream there was a table filled with chocolate cake. I did the natural thing and ran off with it and started eating. It tasted so good too.

Then I remembered, gosh golly this is going to give you a big breakout, so I stopped eating it. Even in my dream.

I think we should all start eating all the things we know we cant in our sleep. That way we get to enjoy it all I suppose. I wonder if you still break out ?

Anyone else had this?

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Eating less junk i'm alright, my concern is healthy foods cost a bomb.

Well on your part try yr best to eat good, cos i believe our normal ea out is not within our control, ocassionaly lik party or out shopping, i would say go ahead cos it's once a while.

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HAHA this is great!! :lol:

yeah.. in our dream we can stuff our faces without the fear of acne or gaining weight

just wish you could actually taste the stuff you're eating :P

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Maybe that's your body trying to tell you something....that you shouldn't stress so much, because that partly might be why you have acne in the first place

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LOL, I read this thread yesterday and ended up having a dream where I ate tons of chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon buns last night. Although, I was more concerned about gaining weight than breaking out when I made myself stop eating in the dream. I woke up this morning and had a nice laugh about it when I remembered this thread.

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