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Hi.. just started Accutane or thinking about it? Don't worry the leap can feel treturous the reward extraordinary .

Things to know: You will get dry, maybe not a week, maybe not two weeks you will GET DRY!

2. If you're worried about more superficial things such as oil, white heads, black heads? Accutane will also help you in that area. *MODERATOR EDIT. READ THE BOARD RULES*

3. Drink plenty of water but know what is plenty and what is just damn right ignorant. I see so many people going on and on about how much water they drink while on Accutane and although the need might be great for you to want to drink large amounts of water I strongly suggest against it.

It is meant that you be dry and it is meant that Accutane be took with a high fat meal .. if you're worried more so about your diet two times out of the day and or how many times you take it?- Perhaps you aren't worried enough about helping your acne.

I suggest fried eggs and milk, replace that with something you want according to day/time/ stock.

Don't let side effects turn you away from Accutane unless you have some of the bad side effects which people rarely get.

Most only get chapped lips, feeling of tight skin, flaky skin, itchy scalp, dry throat, headache, initial sickness on upping of dosage and or start of a high dosage not used to by your body.

Get some lip palm, some head and shoulders, a nice lotion that doesn't clog pores.. and take off with your new lease on life in a hurry!

You can do it.. you can beat acne.. stay smart Acne.org!

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